Casting Homemade Figures

by: Jason Wyatt

This article describes how to create a stronger scratch built figure with cleaner articulation by casting pieces after you have sculpted them but before you have assembled them. To use this technique properly you must understand both General Casting and Scratch Sculpting Figures.


  • Molding materials
  • Casting materials
  • Polymer clay
  • Small screws (round headed, with gaps between threads and head, and about the same diameter as a
    limb stem)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Washers (that
    will fit over screws)
  • Wire (optional)

Step 1

After you harden a scratch built torso but before you add limbs remove the washers and then make a two part mold making sure that the screws are all divided evenly between the front and back of the mold (half of the screw on the front, half on the back).

Step 2

After you get your molds done take one half and put a thin layer of sculpey in the mold (making sure to level it at the edges of the piece you want to cast) except where the screw was. In that spot put an identical screw. Place the sculpey all around it then remove it leaving that space empty.

Step 3

Now you will make a new back to this part of the mold (proceed as if you were making a two part mold and didn’t have the other half yet) Repeat this for the other half of the mold. When you finish you should have now two separate molds that when you cast from them you should get two separate pieces that fit together (maybe not perfectly but a little sanding should take care of that) and can have a screw put in all the joints.

Step 4

Now on to the limbs. Using the newly cast torso put a screw in the particular joint where you want to sculpt the limb over the point of the screw. You may want to use foil or wire armature for the limb.

Step 5

When you finish a limb remove it from the torso with the screw still in it and harden it.

Step 6

Then you can make a mold of it and it will be able to fit in the torso with the screw (now being part of the cast) acting as the peg just like the other star wars figures.

Step 7

Repeat this for the other limbs and then you will have your fully articulated scratch built figure.