Quick-N-Easy Khaki

by: Hans VanDerMaas

Before you Begin:

Here is a simple and cheap way to turn white clothing into a khaki “earth tone” to better fit Star Wars clothing. This isn’t necessarily the BEST way to make khaki, but anyone can do this. 

Back when the British military was in north Africa they had white uniforms that stuck out like a sore thumb. They dyed the uniforms khaki by giving them a little bath in coffee. We can apply this little history lessons to making better customs.



  • Coffee
  • White clothes
  • Large pan

Step 1

In a large pan, heat some coffee. It MAY be better to bring the coffee to a boil, but I haven’t tried this.

Step 2

Place the clothing into the hot coffee. Arrange the cloth so there are no sharp folds. Folds will prevent the dye from penetrating that area fully and will give you an uneven color. After the clothing has been soaking for at least twenty minutes turn off the heat.

Step 3

Soak the clothing in coffee overnight.

Step 4

Then remove the clothing and hang it out to dry. Make sure it is not bunched up so the color will dry evenly. After it’s dry you have a new, aromatic, khaki garment for your figure.