Fixing Loose Articulation

by: Jeremy Smith

Editor’s Note: Though this article specifically references the ROTS 12″ General Grievous, the topics discussed here can be translated to any 12″ figure or custom with slight variance.



  • Dremel or Drill
  • Drill Bit
  • Screw Plugs
  • Marker
  • Paint
  • Bowl of
    Hot Water
  • Gloves

Step 1
Remove the arms from the Grievous figure, and label each arm (labels included RI-right inside, RO right outside, LI left inside, LO left outside.

Step 2
With the arms removed take the plug insert and position the top of the plug parallel with the opening on the arm. Now take a marker and place a small dot on the arm parallel to the bottom of the plug. (This will show you how far to drill)

Step 3
Now take the drill bit and place the tip of it next to the mark on the arm. Again take out a marker and mark the drill bit where it meets the opening of the arm.

Step 4
Insert the drill bit through the opening of the arm, and drill straight down until the mark on the bit is parallel with the top of the opening.

Here is a tip on doing this. Just chuck up the bit in your drill/dremel. Now while holding the drill bit steady take the arm and turn it on to the bit. Essentially you will be screwing the arm on the bit. This will require a little pressure to get through the harder plastic tip of the arm, but once you are through this part drilling into the soft rubber is easy. This is now your pilot hole for the drilling. Now that you have the pilot hole drilled, back out the bit and on a low setting drill into the arm. DO THIS SLOWLY. If you do it fast you might drill right through the arm. Now for the surprising part of the drilling, the small hard plastic part on the arm will probably have fallen off by now. And you’re thinking OH NO!!! This is no big deal and can actually help you with the modification later down the road.