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Creating a Template Jeremy Beckett and Tim Hopkins



  • Flatbed Scanner
  • Graphic Editor (Photoshop or PaintShop Pro)
  • High resolution printer
  • Gloss printing paper
  • 3M Spray Adhesive
  • X-acto knife
  • Stock card
Images can be downloaded off the Internet, though most will be of low resolution due to file size.

Any Star Wars book you've been using as source material for your customs will have the kind of images you want, or even an existing action figure card.

Resolution is a difficult issue to settle. Some advocate low-res. (100-200 dpi) while others recommend 600 - 800 dpi. However you will be able to tweak and edit the high-roes image much more easily because of the higher definition of detail.

Jonathan Miller recommends using 'Goof Off' in place of an acetone product because of its greater strength.

Step 1

Create a template card by scanning the card that you want to edit. Erase all unwanted information on the card like the picture of the figure, the name, and any other details you decide. You do this by using a paint program to color the scan you made to make it ready for you to insert the reference image and print it out. Here is an example of what the finished product would look like: these. (addition by Tim Hopkins)

Step 2

Find reference pictures that you want to use for the photograph on the card. Once you have done that scan the picture so that you may combine it with the template.

Step 3

The better (but more time consuming) method is to create a template in your graphic program and add each image as a layer. This will allow you to move the images around to get rid of gaps or overlaps. Then print the final version out.

Step 4

Make a final edit of the card to make sure you have everything in place.

Step 5

Take the stock card, 3M adhesive spray glue, and your final print out and spray the stock card with glue. Adhere the printed version of your template to the stock card and let it dry. After it is finished drying you may take a X-acto knife and cut around the edge of the card to shape it.

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