F O R G O T T E N       F O R C E      U L T I M A T E      R E S O U R C E      G U I D E






Vintage Greedo by Mark Dziak


Figure Supplies

  • - Vintage Bespin Han Solo (body)
  • - Vintage Greedo (head and hands)

Supplies and Tools

  • Paints:
    - Greens
    - Yellow
    - Brown
    - Orange
    - Black

Step 1

Cut off Han Bespin's head and hands.

Step 2

Cut off Greedo's head and hands.

Step 3

Glue Greedo's head and hands onto Han's body.

Step 4

Paint in the correct Greedo-esque color scheme with the snappy brown/orange vest, lime green shirt and pants, and yellow lines going down the sleeves and pant legs. Paint the skin green.

Step 5

Stick whatever gun you have in his hand.

Step 6



Tip provided by:  jdziak@adelphia.net Mark Dziak