F O R G O T T E N       F O R C E      U L T I M A T E      R E S O U R C E      G U I D E






Incom tp1104 (Rocinante) by Mark Mras


Before You Begin:

This Fan Fiction light transport I did was inspired by The Imperial landing craft.

Figure Supplies

  • Luke's T 16
  • Roditix Construction set with 2 man cockpit
  • 2-1/2 feet of 1-1/2" pvc pipe
  • 2 non-metallic flexible conduit connectors
  • Sheet styrene 1/16"
  • Thin piece of wood

Supplies and Tools

  • Steel ruler
  • Quick-set glue or epoxy
  • Hack saw/ razor saw
  • Filler putty
  • Grey spray paint
  • Acrylic Paints
    -Dark grey

Step 1

Cut the PVC pipe and thin wood to the size you want to make the hull. The PVC will be the sides and the wood will be the bottom. Use epoxy to join the pieces.

Step 2

Use sheet styrene to make the top and rear of the hull. I used metal "L" brackets epoxied to the corners to reinforce the corners. Cut a length of pipe in half longways to make the front of the hull and glue into place. Drill a hole near the bottom of the front piece for the Robotix cockpit. Join the pieces with epoxy and use putty to fill any crevices between the sections.Cut off the hinges from the T-16 for the lower wings and epoxy them
to the hull.

Step 3

Cut off the top wing of the T 16 and epoxy it to the top of the hull. I used bits ofstyrene to make the joint stronger.

Step 4

Mount the non-metalic flex connectors to the rear to make the engine bells. You can scribe panel lines in the hull with an x-acto knife and a steel ruler to add detail. Now spray paint the entire ship. I painted the lower wings separately then attached them before I weathered the ship. Finally add any other details and weathering as needed. I decided to cut a hole in the top of the hull to show engine parts.

Recipe provided by: mmras@dhsupply.com Mark Mras