F O R G O T T E N       F O R C E      U L T I M A T E      R E S O U R C E      G U I D E






Geezum by Michael Collins


Figure Supplies

  • Takeel Head
  • Dengar Body
  • Tusken Raider Ammo Belt

Supplies and Tools

  • A/B Epoxy Putty
  • Dremel
  • X-acto knife
  • Superglue


Step 1

I started this by sanding down Dengar all over the place oi most of the details were gone. I also cut off the pinky fingers so he has 8 digits.

Step 2

Next I popped out Dengars head and replaced it with Takeel's head.

Step 3

Using an Exacto knife I cut out the ammo belt from a Tusken Raider and Super glued it to his torso.

Step 4

The belt was too small so I added on to it and made the rest of the clothing with A/B Epoxy.

Step 5

He was pretty much done but he just looked too much like Takeel, so I altered his face and hair with A/B Epoxy. Gave him a bald spot as well.

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