The rating system is new to the FFURG recipe archive. The system was designed to help customizers, both new and experienced, by classifying the recipes according the categories listed below.

All the ratings are determined by the difficulty of the recipe attempted, not the final result. It is the intent of FFURG to provide a resource for customizers to share tips and techniques, not to establish bragging rights among customizers for who had the better custom.


    This category is determined by the average of the three ratings listed below.


    This category rates the difficulty of the painting required.

    1- No painting required

    2- Change of hair color, etc.

    3- Repainting the whole figure

    4- Adding washes and highlights

    5- Adding insignias, patterns, and extra fine details


    This category rates the amount of sculpting required.

    1- No sculpting required

    2- Minor infilling and sanding

    3- Minor sculpting over an existing figure

    4- Major sculpting over and existing figure

    5- Full sculpt, often over a wire or clay base


    This category rates the diffuculty of parts required, if torso cracking is required, etc.

    1- No parts exchanged

    2- One set of limbs or head exchanged

    3- Two or more sets of limbs exchanged

    4- Kitbashed items (extra articulation, spliced arms or legs, etc.)

    5- Full kitbashed figure (nearly all items and parts are from different figures)

No matter how established the rating system is, the ratings are still subjective. If you have any questions or comments regarding the rating of a custom, please contact one of the FFURG administrators.

Delaton - 4/1/01