F O R G O T T E N       F O R C E      U L T I M A T E      R E S O U R C E      G U I D E






Nen Yim (New Jedi Order) by Craig Mullan


Figure Supplies

  • Monkey Leia
  • All new likeness Leia

Supplies and Tools

  • Superglue
  • Sculpting tools
  • Paints:
    -Light blue
  • Sculpey
  • Paint brushes
  • Dullcoat sealer
  • Gloss sealer
Before You Begin

Nen Yim is a female Yuuzhan Vong of the Shaper caste. She played a huge role in the "Edge of Victory" duology and is doubtless going to be in many more NJO books. There is a wonderful reference picture of her head and Shaper hand on the cover of "Edge of Victory 1- Conquest."

Step 1

Boil-and-pop the monkey Leia head, crack her torso.

Step 2

Exchange legs with the all-new likeness Leia, and reglue the torso.

Step 3

The Shaper caste wear living headdresses, so roll up little bits of sculpey and add a headdress sort of going for a "Medusa" look.

Step 4

Give her her Shaper hand by adding talons and scissors to her right hand w/ sculpey.

Step 5

Give her a living sash around her waist.

Step 6

Paint her headdress black/green, and sealed it with a gloss coat. Paint her flesh light blue/white, and her outfit gray with black drybrush (remember everything that the Yuuzhan Vong wear actually lives, so any irregularities are fine.)

Step 7

Add her tattoos on exposed flesh in the colors you choose.

Step 8

Seal with the dullcoat.


Tip provided by: karen-craig@telus.net Craig Mullan