F O R G O T T E N       F O R C E      U L T I M A T E      R E S O U R C E      G U I D E






Dash Rendar: Snowspeeder Gear by Bryan Stoyle


Figure Supplies

  • Dash Rendar head and small gun
  • Luke X-Wing body
  • Luke blastshield helmet

Supplies and Tools

  • X-Acto knife
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paints
    -Dark blue
Step 1

Boil the parts you need and put Dash's head on Luke's body.

Step 2

Cut the visor off of the Blastshield helmet.

Step 3

Paint the center piece of the helmet dark blue and other designs blue on the helmet.  The two tiny squares on the belt, as well as those small pellets on the leg's ammunition strap should be repainted gold.

Step 4

Give him his gun or put him in a snowspeeder.

Recipe provided by:  jedi-trekker@excite.com Bryan Stoyle