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Chatroom Chatroom Rules

#FFURG ( Chatroom) Rules

The following rules are meant to make the conversation in #FFURG more enjoyable for everyone.

#1.) No one is a better customizer than anyone else. If you feel someone's work is better than yours that is fine, but never say you are a better customizer than anyone else. This not a contest, we're all here to have fun and make customs to the best of our abilities.

#2.) No Episode 3 plot spoilers please. There are many fans that don't want to know plot points (true or otherwise) of the next Star Wars film until the film is released. If you know something concerning Episode 3 and wish to share it with others, please do so in private messages, do not say it in the channel.

#3.) Off-topic conversation is of course allowed, but please do not interrupt a conversation concerning our main subject - Star Wars customizing - with off-topic conversation. Wait until there is no SW customizing talk going on before going off-topic. Please do not do anything to disrupt current conversations, especially during organized and moderated conversations.

#4.) Use of offensive language (swearing, abuse, etc.) will not be tolerated. Keep in mind there may be younger visitors in the channel, and such language is not appropriate. Offenders will be asked to stop immediately and will be asked to leave the room if behavior persists.

After-Dark #FFURG begins at 11:00PM Eastern Time and often has a more laid-back and mature audience where swearing is tolerated, up to a certain extent (younger customizers and their parents be warned that swearing is allowed at that time). However, people who in every sentence swear After-Dark are frowned upon.

#5.) For mIRC and other 3rd party IRC client users, NO UNSOLICITED FILE TRANSFERS! Ask someone first if they want to accept a file from you.

#6.) No text flooding, i.e. transmitting a large amount of text to the channel at one point. This is usually done when someone cuts and pastes a large piece of text from say a website and sends it to the channel.

#7.) No links to porn sites are allowed on the channel at ALL times! During After-Dark #FFURG you can privately message someone with such a link, but at YOUR OWN RISK! Be wary that the person you're talking to, even in After-Dark #FFURG could be a minor.

#8.) When conducting a trade in the channel you do so at your own risk and invite others to comment on your prospective deals.

#9.) Please do not insult other members, friendly jibes are allowed, but limit such jibes to people you know well. This goes out to the regulars, DO NOT INSULT NEWCOMERS TO THE CHANNEL!

#10.) Do not overly argue with others, converse in a kind and mature fashion.

#11.) Do not impersonate other members. Do not use another member's nickname and chat in the channel pretending to be someone you are not. First time abusers will be banned for the day, the second time you will be banned permanently. This is no joke, we take this very seriously!

Be warned that violators are subject to being kicked from the channel or even banned for multiple offenses. Also the chat may be logged from time to time for archiving purposes during moderated chats as well to insure that no one spoils the fun of the chatroom.

Remember these rules will help insure that everyone will have a fun time here at the #FFURG.

-- The #FFURG Staff

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