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The Forgotten Force Customizing Group
Custom Character Casting Call
December 1999

Original COTW

This casting call gallery is open to all customizers.
It will be updated as new submissions come in, so check back often.
Last updated: 8/11/05

If you'd like to add your custom creation of YOU!
contact FFURG for details.

For your customizing assistance, a reference gallery has been created with various images. Just click on the image to the right.

James Botaitis

Matt Brown

Matt Cassano

Ralph Chiariello

Phil Cline

Michael Collins

Tony Colucci

Jack Criddle

Dan Curto

Jason Fleigel

Daniel Gerber


Joe Kiskis

Jeremy Lazar

Gus Martin

Mike Miller

Tre Mustang


Andy Nixon

Harry Portman

Tyler Pugmire

Tony Rice

Brian Rutherford

Erik Schroeder

Michael Trampert

Chris Tronzo

Daniel Wilson

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