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The Forgotten Force Customizing Group
Custom Character Casting Call
February 2010
Rebel Troopers

Reference Gallery

The members of the FForums have continued on with self-managing the themes for future Casting Calls. This Casting Call showcases their efforts in populating the ranks of the Rebel Alliance and its successor the New Republic. From various official sources along with fan-fic creations, the customs below will help put an end to the evil tyranny of the Empire throughout all of our collections. For full details on the development of this Casting Call and background information on these Rebel forces head over to the Featured FForums Thread.

This casting call gallery is open to all customizers and will be updated as new submissions come in, so check back often.
Last updated: 02/11/10

If you'd like to add your custom creation to the
Rebel Troopers Casting Call, contact FFURG for details.

Ashley Prester


Clone Commander 972

Dan of the Dead


Don Maue

Doug Schroeder


Jason Fleigel

Incom T-65




Paul Barnard

The Spectre


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