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Glue Molds by: Doug Schroeder



  • Household glue
  • Cup of water
  • 2-part epoxy
  • Old paintbrush or toothpick

Household (Elmer's) glue makes excellent molds for resin casts. it captures the smallest details perfectly and will easily peal off of vinyl, styrene, and factory painted surfaces. If you need to mold a larger area (an entire torso) or need multiple casts (50 Stormtrooper helmet for that army you're building) use latex molds. Glue is perfect for making new imperial rank badges, pilot chest boxes, and helmets.

Step 1

Coat object in a thin layer of glue. If the glue runs excessively you probably have too thick of a coating in that section.

Step 2

Add as many additional coats of glue as necessary to make a sturdy mold. Let dry. The number of coats depends on the object. Three coats should be enough for a rank badge while a Stormtrooper helmet would take at least seven coats.

Step 3

Make sure the mold is totally dry. The glue should be translucent. If you see white, your mold isn't entirely cured. Firmly grip the dried glue for several minutes. The body heat will make the dried glue pliable instead of brittle.

Step 4

Remove the mold from the object. Glue is somewhat resilient, but try to avoid stretching it more than necessary. For large objects like helmets try to "work " the mold loose from the edges. if the glue is to brittle and breaks simply recover the exposed area of your object with glue then push the broken piece back into place.

Step 5

Mix a very small amount of epoxy. Coat a layer into mold with a brush or toothpick. Make sure to entirely cover the mold, forcing out air bubbles when they occur.

Step 6

If you are making a solid object (chest box) fill the rest of the mod with epoxy and let cure. If you are making a hollow object (helmet) let the first coat cure then add coats. If you are using a quick-set epoxy you can rotate the mold to prevent pooling. This gives you a helmet with little or no routing required. Place a few extra coats at the edges for strength.

Step 7

Place the finished cast in a cup of water. The glue mold will dissolve completely, leaving you with your new cast.

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