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FFURG & The Forgotten Force At Celebration 3!

Update: 4/29/05! We have added an Image Gallery to relive all the memories from Celebration 3. To check out the Celebration 3 Image Gallery, just Click Here!.

What: FFURG and The Forgotten Force Customizing Group's Fan Club Table at
The Fan Fair Exhibit Hall at Star Wars Celebration 3
When: April 21st through April 24th 2005
Where: Indianapolis Convention Center, Indianapolis Indiana
The Schedule Of Events

The lowdown: We will have a booth presence at the Fan Fair Exhibit Hall as part of
Star Wars Celebration 3. We propose to give short demonstrations on creating custom toys. As our model, the demonstrations would follow "Super-Chamois" or "Ginsu" knife demonstrations seen at fairs and trade shows, in that we will have a permanent booth set up with short, five to ten-minute active demonstrations at regular intervals. At all times customizers will be staffing our area with examples of our work and will be available to answer passer-by's questions.

Any and all customizers are welcome to hang out at the booth to meet, discuss and to display your customs!

We are especially looking for you customizers who want to give short talks on some of your methods. Participating customizers should bring their tools, custom parts, and finished customs for demonstrations.

Our topics for discussion will include techniques of figure disassembly, painting, carding, sculpting, casting, weathering, 1/6-scale customizing, vehicle customizing, and diorama making; with other specific sub-topics, such as "eye painting," to be decided later. Audience participation will vary by topic, but all topics will involve the answering of questions. For safety reasons we'll keep the audience away from tools and chemicals. If you have a custom topic you want to discuss that isn't on the list, feel free to suggest it!

Three additional topics we are considering that would involve more participation would be "Kid's Customs," "Make your Star Wars Galaxies Character," "Make Yourself as a Star Wars Figure," and "BYOB Customizing for the Death Star Diorama Workshop." All of these would have audience members interacting with disassembled toys, although again, only we would handle the tools. These will not be full workshops, however. Only one or two volunteers will be asked to interact per demonstration.

Basic Event Itinerary:

  • General Q&A Sessions With The FFURG Staff
  • Casting Sessions
  • Painting Sessions along with Paint Options
  • Sculpting Sessions
  • Kids Workshop
  • Custom Vehicle Discussion
  • 12" Customs Discussion
  • Create Your Galaxies Character
  • BYOB (Bring Your Own Body) Custom Creations for the
    Death Star Diorama Workshop
  • and much much more...
See The Schedule Of Events for times and listings of individual sessions, presentations, and activities
- Sessions Subject To Change -

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