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Sith Lord Chaos
Now that I'm home for the summer ;D I have access to a camera again, almost all of these were made several weeks to a month ago and I am just now posting them. Instead of giving all of these guys their own thread, I figured I'd start my own thread for my customs, besides all the cool kids are doing it. wink.gif tongue.gif

Sorry, almost all of these are boring clone and Wookiee repaints, I have some reall customs in the works but they aren't done yet.

First up: Commander Gree WIP
I made him awhile ago with a bad refrence shot, i need to fix the helmet's colors and give him his holster, I couldn't find anything good.

Commander Bly
Fairly self explanitory.

One of Commander Bly's troops
This actually a fan-fic idea that is really just an AOTC clone w/ Bly's colors

Dirty Clone Captain
This was just my first attempt at a wash, and I needed a dirty clone so I made this.

Dead Clone
I needed a dead clone that had been killed by a lightsbaer, so here he is.

WIP Wookiees
They still need a few highlights and some accessories

Commander Rhet
Boring red Clone Commander Custom.

Clone Medic
I'm actually embarrassed to call this a custom :-[, it literally took 2 minutes. All it is is some tape and sharpie so I cant still have my tank gunner. He is just a temporary fig until I make a real one, I wanted to give him an ugnaught bag but I didn't have one, so I'll have to find something else.

This is the only real custom out of the bunch, and it is actully 2 years old. :smile.gif Ithis was my third custom ever and it is still my favorite to this day, I thought'd I'd try and improve him a bit by giving him some CHEWIE style drybrushing. I like him a lot better now, though CHEWIE would have done a better job. smile.gif

95% of these guys are in my first photonovel that I started work on yesterday, I got some of the principal photography done and I can get a preview shot or two if anyone is interested.

Comments and critiques (especially critiques, I would like to get better at this whole customizing thing tongue.gif) are more than welcome. smile.gif
I know you were going for an older or ancient wookie there, but until he's accessorized, looks more wampa than wookie. Also suggest going a lot more black on the severed arm of the dead clone by lightsaber. It'll look more "cauterized" and than add the blood to the more rim, maybe leave something yellowish white in the middle to be the bone.

Nice paint aps/choices.
I like the medic, it's something different and out of the box!
Hey Ryan,

We get to see some work from you, woo hoo! tongue.gif Good paint jobs on the various figures, though I notice on Bly that it looks like you didn't get the color on the pauldron to be as yellow/orange as it probably should be. Looks like some of the original red seeped through eh?

What is the story on the white Wookiee? Is he an albino? And is that a trick of the camera/lighting or does he appear to have a color change on the left side of his face? And yes letsee what else ya got cookin!

Happy Customizing!
Jesse James
Hey SLC...

Great work, I like them all...

On the Wookiees, I think they're both a great start, and I am intrigued on the white Wookiee... An eldar perhaps? He looks more Wampa-like right now, but Ic an see a greying Wookiee under there after some paint detailing.

I like the darker one as a base warrior right now... He's looking pretty good on his own already.

I enjoy the Clones a lot too... The weathering looks good, but heavy... It's easy to fall prey to over-weathering a figure I think, not that you necessarilly did that Ryan, but just that it's an easy trap to walk into, no doubt. I think the Yellow Commander's the best though, as the few shots I've seen from ROTS imply that they're pretty mucked up troopers.

I like the medic especially, but I'd suggest some gear other than the ugnaught purse... If you're at all good with sewing, a shoulder sachel would give him a very WW2-ish look actually... Even maybe put the logo on it or something. I could totally see it even being packed with some med tools, both futuristic looking (21B gun maybe?) and some little things that imply an earthy feel... I saw some 1:18 IV bags recently, with plasma and stuff in them. Ya never know, it seems as logical as any other thing in Star Wars being there.

Very cool... I dig the medic a lot, even if you don't think you worked hard. He's a good start I think to a really good figure.
I like Commander Rhet best of all the clones.
For the medic, why not pair him with some medical droids? ROTS or otherwise.

for the falleen jedi, i think his cloak too closely matches his skin color. That's a aotc plo koon body, right?

The wookiees need layering, but look great so far.
I agree about the wookies looking like wampas. lol Washes and dry brushing will go a long way. Silver highlights on the black wookie might give that silver back gorrila look to him.

I really dig the colour on you falleen jedi. For some reason I like him the way he is. He has got sort of a cameleon look to him. I might add some shadows or highlights to break up the flat colour and maybe dirty him up a bit, but that is my style and you may not be into that.
SLC - I really dig all them clones, but i gotta say, i think i would have skipped the weathering. I personally like them to look crisp and clean. I agree that it can get out of hand ( whenever i try it anyways.... ), so i generally stear clear. They all loo great tho, as far as the lines and color schemes go, they are pretty tight.

For the Wookies, i like them both, but they need something to reduce the intensity of the black and white, maybe some dry brushing or something. I like the silver on the white guy ( at least i think i see silver.), its pretty.

Keep it up!
SLC, sorry I haven't posted in your thread here. I had quite a few comments over at JD though. hypocrite.gif

One thing I don't think I mentioned over there was how much I liked your Gree, I really like his straps - look great. And he looks like he's ready to sneak up on Yoda.

Sith Lord Chaos
Thanks for the good words and Suggestions guys!

Bly is pauldron is indeed a different color, when I was looking at the refrence I saw 3 different colors with the pauldron being the orangest and the darkest, so it isn't the red bleeding trough, that was the color I intended.

I'm still working on the wookies, I gave the black one some grey drybrushing and I'm not sure what to do with the other guy, He is kinda supposed to be an albino, and those are silver highlights, he has a big silver patch on the left side of his face. He is still going to be accessorized so he is more wookiee like.

Thanks for the tips on the medic JJ. I can't sew for [censored] so I think I'll have to find something from the BBi line or something close. When I redo him I'll definitely use those suggestions. And if I can get my hands on an extra Gunship I kinda wanted to make a Med-lifter and a few more medics as well.

Here's my newest fig, I've got a couple other's that are close to being done and I'll try and get them up soon.

Zabrak Spacer/Merc/Pirate/Pilot/Bounty Hunter
Not really sure what he is other than a Zabrak. wink.gif I had an extra Agen Kolar head lying around and I had bought an extra Djas Puhr awhile back because I love that body, it is great for bounty hunter types. The hands are from an EP1 Sneak Preview Mace, I was using the Mace head for my SA Mace custom and I had got it all ready to fit on the new body, then I lost the damn head >:( The boots are from a POTF2 Stormie, and the rest is just a modified Djas Puhr. After CHEWIE posted his the other day I decided to make one too. smile.gif

As always comments and critiques are more than welcome. tongue.gif

that's a pretty cool looking spacer. a nice blend of the POTF2 Stormie boots and the Djas legs. a find job on the wash you gave him too, gives him a really lived in look. and way cool that the head fits the torso so perfectly, I'll have to remember it down the road. a suggestion though and it just may be the picture, but his eyes look a bit odd, sorta like they're rolling back into his head. maybe you can fix that a bit to give him a sterner facial expression to match his overall look.

happy customizing!
Sith Lord Chaos
QUOTE (CorranHorn @ May 25 2005, 01:48 AM)

that's a pretty cool looking spacer. a nice blend of the POTF2 Stormie boots and the Djas legs. a find job on the wash you gave him too, gives him a really lived in look. and way cool that the head fits the torso so perfectly, I'll have to remember it down the road. a suggestion though and it just may be the picture, but his eyes look a bit odd, sorta like they're rolling back into his head. maybe you can fix that a bit to give him a sterner facial expression to match his overall look.

happy customizing!

Thanks Jason. smile.gif I didn't paint the face at all, that is the way it came from Hasbro, I think it is partially the pictue too, It really is a crappy picture I sharpened it a bit in photoshop but this was the onlt picture where my flash went off and I was too lazy to take more. rolleyes.gif It looks better in person.
I don't think I've seen these before. I like Saviorn and the use of the Xizor head. I'd probaby give him a different color pants. Blue doesn't work as well with the green cloak. I like the black and white wookiees. They kind of remind me of Spy vs Spy. You might include some different color layering. The white is too flat. The green commander Gree is coming along nicely. Doesn't he have some visor or some other hardware detail that's missing?
Jesse James

Great work on the Zabrak... My only suggestion is the hair... I think that maybe shaving it on the sides so it sorta tapers into a "pony tail" and then adding a piece of string in a knot where the hair tapers (sand the hair too so it looks like it's tapering into the tail and not just hanging straight down... If that explanation isn't too confusing, haha... Yeah I can't explain stuff, I know) to just signify the knot holding the pony tail (dab of glue on the knot should hold it).

I think that would look rocking myself... And it'd change his hair up so it's not so obviously the Agen Kolar noggin'...

The parts look great, as does the paintjob. I love background Fan-fic characters. They're easily among my favorite customs people work on. I think the imagination of customizers is something to really behold. The work stands out as some of the best in the hobby. That figure would blend into any "busy" public diorama. Only the military dioramas are a bit more restrictive... And even then, figures like your Clone Medic come in handy.

And on the Clone Med...

I can't sew either, I hear ya! A figure to check out is the (I think) Navy SEAL Breacher from the BBI line... Him or the US Army Spec. Forces Breacher (more or less the same figure). They both have a belt (removable) with a large sachel on it... I think it's a gas mask bag, but with a nice string glued to it, it could easily be a medic sachel... Make up a medic emblem for the Clones (Republic Logo over a Red Cross or something) and voila.

Sewing's a pain... I can sympathize with that.

Another option, if you're wanting a med-evac type deal, check out Build-A-Rama... They have collapsable cloth (with plastic rigging) stretchers and a medic set that includes plasma bottles and saline, etc... May have a satchel too, I'm not sure. It's worth a look though.
Very nice work, Chaos! I particularly like the Wookiees, especially the white, pearly-looking one. Definitely a unique Wookiee look. How'd you achieve that with your paints? I'm very much looking forward to seeing how he'll turn out.

The Zabrak looks very good, too -- great for a diorama or photostory background (or foreground). Did you repaint the Djas Puhr body? The weathering makes it look nice & "leathery."

... the Findswoman
Sith Lord Chaos
Thanks guys!

Phruby- Yeah Gree actually has a different backpack and the holster, but I'm about 95% sure the helmet is the same. The white wookiee isn't as flat as it looks. I was going for an albino type, so I may paint the eyes pink (likie albino eyes) The base coat is flesh tone with white and silver drybrushed over it. I might have done a really light tan too, I don't remember. rolleyes.gif

JJ- I think my TRU has a couple breacher's on the pegs, I was looking at them the other day, cause I need some heads and bodies for my SG-1 customs, I'll probably pick that guy up. Thanks for the tip smile.gif I like the pony tail idea, but I also kinda like how he looks now. I'm going to be picking up some more eeth koth's soon cause his body is awesome for Jedi figures, so I'll definitely take your advice on the next one.

Esther- THe boots are from a POTF2 snowtrooper, the hands are from a sneak preview Mace, but the wrists are from the Djas figure. I repainted the whole thing except for the face and hands. So long story short, yeah it is repainted.

And I've got updates as well. smile.gif Some of them look shiney cause I'm out of dullcote :smile.gif, I'll fix that soon. smile.gif

Commander Gree still a WIP
When I saw the moive I noticed he has a different backpack and his thight/and forearm camo is a bit lighter. I may add a removeable helmet too. but the helmet is fixed.

Dat Fisto
My brother's friend is obsessed with Kit Fisto, and he almost cried when he died so fast in ROTS wink.gif tongue.gif He made up this guy as his brother. He is supposed to be a Jedi as well, and the red saber is from a dark Jedi he killed. He wanted to make him, but then he changed his mind and said he wanted me to do it for him, instead and he just told me how he wanted it to look.

Sith Lord Lynzair
He is the apprentice to Sith Lord Chaos (me tongue.gif) He lived about 1000 years B.B.Y.


Togruta Stripper
She's my entry for the JediDefender Monthly Customizing Challenge smile.gif

SBD Repaints
I was bored and I hated the [censored]ty blue on the SBDs so I did a quick repaint on 4 of my SAGA SBDs.

As always comments and critiques are more than welcome. tongue.gif
The Spectre
The Torutuga Stripper is my favorite of the lot. Nice to see the old POTF2 Slave Leia body used again as most people have moved on to using the more recent POTJ Deluxe/OTC/Target Cup version . The blue is also very organic-looking, do Torutuga come in blue? I thought they only came in shades of red. I could be wrong though. (I'm sure pbarny will be along with the correct species info shortly.... wink.gif )

Hmmmmmm.........first Chwie makes a Twi'lek exotic dancer, now your Torutuga stripper, seems like FFURG has contracted a case of the "Springtime Urges" laugh.gif
Darth Delicious
I'm saying that if Lucas can suddenly decide Aqualish have two sets of eyes, that Orn Free Taa is a Twi'lek, and Ask Aak has TOTALLY different hands from Ree Yees, then SLC can decide Togruta's come in blue. biggrin.gif

BTW, I picked up Ask Aak tonight, along with Tarkin and Meena Tills, and Hasbro got the fingers wrong. The reference pic of Aak's six fingered hand is right there on the insert, but once again, the big H is asleep at the wheel...

Other than that, it's a good figure with great custom potential. And I will be casting the heads. laugh.gif

Sith Lord Chaos
I had no idea about the color but I figured humans come in different colors and so do Twi'leks so I just kinda went for it. smile.gif

And the whole stripper thing is for a JediDefender Monthly Customizing Challenge. So I think there may be a few more drool.gif wink.gif

Oh BTW someone at JediDefender saw your stuff on the custom alliance and he really liked it. He wanted me to ask if you would post your stuff over there too. smile.gif
Wow, I really like Lynzair. Especially the whole scar thing. He seems to be a very tired Sith Lord tongue.gif
Cool fisto...hasbro's is an insult. And a stripper....mmm... devil.gif
Sith Lord Chaos
Thanks, a lot guys! smile.gif


When My friends little brother said he wanted him red, I thought the same thing DD and The Spectre, I asked him if he was sure and he said that's what he wanted. I made it right after I finished the stripper so the more I worked on it the more the skin tone grew on me. I kinda like the idea now, we come in different colors, so do Twi-Leks and Bothans and Wookiees, so why can't they? wink.gif


It actually isn't just a repaint but I do see why you would think so, The legs and torso (minus the skirt of course) are from a EP1 Tatooine Darth Maul. I didn't have many other parts (I usually have very little fodder sad.gif) And I didn't want him looking like a Mundi head on a Darth Maul body, so I chose the Mundi skirt, and I gave him the scar to try and vary him a bit more. And I tried Hemble's painting technique, from his 12" Mundi, only mine is 3 3/4" of course. I wanted him to look like the dark side had drained him like it changes the guys in KOTOR, he is kinda from the KOTOR era and if I ever get to it will be in a photonovel from then. I definitely plan on makin his master (me tongue.gif), but I have to find a head that resembles me pretty good and I want to make it SA and look unique, so I have to get better at sculpting and customizing on the whole before I attempt him.


This was a fun one to make. I had the parts lying around forever and had no idea what to do with them, especially the Leia. When I tried to crack the torso a while back I hac completely shattered the back. I had the very top left over and the lower half was broken all the way don to the peg that holds the crotch on, so short of dremmeling it off I couldn't seperate it more if I wanted to. And when I saw that the monthly challenge was a hottie I wanted to participate but I didn't know what to do, so I looked trough My fodder and saw the pieces and though they'd be perfect. I didn't want it looking like slave Leia, or Shaak Ti in a bikini so that's why I chose the Luke arm and the color. I had to shave the Luke arm down quite a bit so it wasn't buff and it look like a girl's. And using plumber's putty I had to sculpt the middle and some of the upper part of her back. So she has no articulation above the waist, too much plastic surgery I guess biggrin.gif (pun intended wink.gif)

And speaking of Shaak Ti in a bikini.....


Ugghhh. I like Gree but I am getting sick of fixing him. He never seems to look the same. wink.gif When I saw ROTS for the 6th time tonight I looked at him closely again and noticed the green stripe goes all the way up the helmet. It doesn't if the reference picture I used earlier, which must have been a concept drawing. And the forearm, elbow, hand, knee, and thigh armor is definitely lighter so I'll be going back to fix that, and maybe lighten the straps too, but I kind of like the straps how they are. BTW, I think I metioned this somewhere before but the straps are a modified OTC Luke's back pack straps. So now I have to fix the camo color, fix the Helmet, add a holster, and fix the backpack. I may also give him a removeable helmet as well, I am going to learn to cast sometime this summer, as soon as I buy the stuff.

Here's the concept picture of him:

Compared to the movie version:
Sith Lord Chaos
Sorry for the double post, I figured I respond to you guys in one and then it got so long I figured I'd update in a new post.

I figured I post some WIP pictures of my SG-1 figures, because CaC, Hemble, and a few others have both been asking about them. Be nice they need sooooo much work. blushing.gif wink.gif I may just start over and just modify BBi figures, becuase my sculpts are bad, and I also want more articulation. Sorry for the crappy pictures, I've got one with the flash, the other without.

And here are the descriptions of each thing from left to right:

On the left I have 2 Zat guns, the one on the holster got squished, so I have to fix it or redo it. The other one may need a bit of work but I think it is almost good, I have to make sure it'll fit in a hand though.

Then I have a custom staff weapon that still needs some work. I have to clean up it's head a bit and I think I'm going to lengthen it a some.

Next is my O'Neill:

His head is a Potf2 Hanhead, with resculpted hair. I am looking for something that is a closer likeness to RDA but I haven't found anything yet. If I end up using thisone I'll have to sculpt the ears back on. :smile.gif

The torso is a Potf2 Han Carbo base but then it is completely resculpted. I don't reallly like it because it looks too POTF2-ish. I am really considering using a BBi figure and resculpting the vest. My vest on that one still needs work too, it isn't very realistic looking and has a couple inaccuracies.

The arms are also a Potf2 Han Carbo. The lower half are sculpted and there are fingerless gloves and a watch sculpted on. As well as a pocket on one arm. I don't mind these too much but I think they are a tad buff as well, they could use more fabric creases, but I like the sculpting on the bottom half. But they will probably be replace for something with more articulation or I will end up giving articulation to these ones.

The legs and crotch are an OTC Dagobah Luke. One leg has an [censored] pocket sculpted on and I sculpted the belt. The boots obviously need to be replaced and if I do switch to a BBi upper body I may switch these out entirely as well, but I wanted somewhat of a Hasbro SW look to these customs, so they may just be modified more and kept.

Next is Teal'c torso, it is bigger than O'Neill's and has the vest open. Again I have the same complaints about it as I do with O'Neill so I'll probably redo it as well.

And Below that is the very beginings of Carter's torso. BBi doesn't make any females that I'm aware of so I may be using this one, I need to get it looking good though. I plan on using a GiJoe Bombstrike as the head.

Once I learn to cast this summer I'm going be casting all of this so I can make Multiple versions of each, as well as other SG team members. I want to try and give them all ball jointed heads as well, and as much articulation as I can with out sacrificing the sculpt. If they turn out good enough I'll make an extra set to card and maybe more to trade (big maybe). And as for the others I plan on making I may have to almost sculpt them entirely as well. I think I'm going to ask for a wax pen for Christmas, if I can get halfway decent at this smile.gif. Because I'm not really a fan of sculpey when it comes to using this much. Well let me know what you think smile.gif
hm.... drool.gif

You made my day person who plays Shaak Ti.......and you too, Sith...for posting it.......
Sith Lord Chaos
It's been a while since I have posted here.... ermm.gif sad.gif I can't budget my time very well so I'm not here as much as I'd like. blushing.gif

I have a little update, no real customs other than my entry for the monthly chalenge at JD. I've just been working on some paintshop effects in the event I ever do a photonovel, which is a destinct possiblity. wink.gif I hope to have a real update tomarrow, or sometime early this week. smile.gif

Sith Lord Lynzair

Jedi Knight Saviorn

Dat Fisto

My entry for the Custom Challenge is a former War droid, turned Salvage droid.

He is a former war droid turned salvage droid. Instead of scraping it this obsolete war, the droid's owner converted him into a salvage droid. His right arm was replaced with with a rusty old plasma cutter and his legs were chopped of at the knees and he was given legs with large electro-magnetic feet so he could grip the hulls of destroyed starships and other space junk, though the droid is usaully stationed on planet because his owner was too cheap to fit him with any type of space propulsion device.

I hope to have a real update soon.
Sith Lord Chaos
And now the real update I promised:

First up

SA Mace Windu:

Every Mace since Episode 1 has sucked, everyone knows that, I gave up waiting on Hasblow to amke a good one and decided to make my own. The body is a ROTS Agen Kolar, which other than Red leader Obi-Wan is as close to an SA Jedi as we have. The torso was resculpted so that the robes match Mace's since Agen's and Mace's are slighty different. The head is a POTF2 SP Mace, the mail away one. I think it is one of the better Mace heads and I also happened to have it handy. The neck post was majorly modified so that the head retains articulation. Enough talk here he is:

Next up we have...

SA Obi-Wan Kenobi in Clone Armor

I've been wanting one of these since I first saw the cartoon. The battle pack version was Ok for what it was. It was kind of cool to have a plain Obi-Wan and an Obi-Wan in Clone Armor, but the armor always falls off and it isn't accurate enough. This is a ROTS SA Clone body and belt with the Battle pack neck, head, cape, and helmet. The armor was cut out of the cape, I cut both the chestplate and the belt off so that the better looking armor would show through. The belt was cut off and the inside was shaved out. It was then flipped and (unfortunately) glued into place. I gave it some Drybrushing on the cape and a little weathering on the armor. The right hand is from a #6 Quickdraw clone so he can do all the pointing and ordering a General needs to do. (Thanks for the idea Kevin smile.gif)

It feels good to finally have a real update again let me know what you guys think.
SLC, wow - these two new customs are top of the line. I don't think they could be done any better!!!

Mace Windu - I've made a similar version, but I have to say that yours is better. I need to paint the neck line like you did, and I think the skirt on him looks perfect. What a great custom. Who needs Hasbro to make one, when you can do this yourself!

Obi Wan - Now this is the best version of this particular Obi Wan that I've seen. Now I know how to go about making mine.

Jesse James
Nice update Ryan, good to see you pop in.

The first thing I'll comment on is the droid in the last post (I haven't had time to look at customs this past week so I missed that).

The droid rocks, and is a good mix of parts iwth a nice backstory. Droid customs are something that I look at lovingly with the idea that they're a nice advancement for customizers new to the hobby (not that you are Ryan, but for those who are this'll maybe be helpful to them) as a means of going beyond the repaint. The thing with droids, especially fan-fic ones, is that you can do almost anything and still make it look "believable" in the SW universe. Your droid's a lot of various parts, but it looks good because not all droids are perfect and as we've seen in the films, many are pieced together for new jobs, or just by themselves so they can ensure their own survival.

This is a good example of that and I think he's very cool looking. If I had a suggestion, it'd maybe be some more variety inthe paintjob. Like perhaps have the arm a wholely separate color to show it's from a wholely different droid previously or whatnot. I think "70's colors" like a powder blue stand out neat and add that extra bit of "1977 Star Wars" look too. Kinda like the orange on the one R5 riding around Mos Eisley. But I digress.

-SA Mace Windu... I like this too, and you really went the extra mile to make an accurate Mace by resculpting the Agen Kolar robes. I'm a fan of Agen but I don't consider him very super poseable myself. I prefer the Kit Fisto body actually, but that's me. Agen's got the better poseable legs though.

I'm no sculptor by any means so I can't comment there. It looks nice for sure... I don't know if you could smooth it out a wee bit more or not, as I doubt I could. I'm torn on what Mace Windu head is the best too, but none are great. The deluxe one from Saga wasn't too bad, I guess, but there's not much to pick from there for sure so the SP one was as good as any right? smile.gif

-General Kenobi... That's a unique take on this custom, which I've seen done in different manners by different people now. I too am disappointed in what that Battlepack of figures offered us with the CW Obi-Wan. Actually I found all 3 Clone Wars figures disappointing in the set, and while I hear praise for the Assajj figure she's still a notch below the basic carded CW one if you ask me, but that's neither here nor there.

The grafting with a SA Clone body from ROTS's line is a great idea since A) the armor's identical and cool.gif you get maximum poseability out of it. I think had I done this I'd have used just the head and helmet (and lance) from the 5-pack Obi-Wan while utilizing the SA sculpt for the body, and softgoods robes. The head and helmet can't really be beat though I believe.

The figure has bulk but you grafted everything together nicely I believe Ryan, and I like the different result you got by mixing parts well, and mixing what you can find at retail right now rather than looking back, as there aren't a lot of Obi-Wan's for use for this custom (not that are easy to find and that look good anyway. Coruscant Chase Obi-Wan sorta sucks and the Outlander one isn't the easiest to find extras of).

Nice work man, good update, and look forward to the next when you have a chance!
Sith Lord Chaos
Thanks a lot Jesse. smile.gif I liked the Mace when I first made it but the more I look at it, the more I want to change it again. As for the sculoting on the chest, it actually is pretty smooth, but my crappy painting ability has the power to do that to any surface. I tried sealing the sculpey in super glue as well and I think it gave it a little more texture than it previously had. I always enjoy reading your suggestions and critiques, I'll try and incorporate them into any future customs. smile.gif

And now for an update:

I am without a camera for awhile so please forgive the crappy scans. But After seeing CHEWIE and Dave's recent CW Obi-Wans I decided to get on the bandwagon.

Now I just have to try and update more than once a month. blushing.gif
Sith Lord Chaos
What the hell, I'll throw up two more tonight. smile.gif I was going to save these for a few days so it would actually look like I was updating more regularly, But I decided to throw them up now. I actually made these a week or two ago but I kept forgeting to post them. I think these guys look better in person, but anyways, these guys are supposed to be some kind of Local militia/terrorist type. I'm not really sure which, but they supposed to be from a really arid desert type planet, hence the orange. The Luke head might just be a temporary head until I find something better, the hair is supposed to be black with that "iced" look.

Love the salvage droid! The sith probe for the head is genius!

Sith Lord Chaos
That last update went over well... ermm.gif

Well after a real busy week and weekend I finally finished my entry for our monthly Challenge over at JD. He is a death knight named Todritter (meaning Death knight in German), and is the inspiration of the Death myth in the SW universe (Death, like the guy with a sickle on earth.) He has little red light up eyes in the eye sockets, but I don't think the battery will last because I can't stop playing with it.

I've got a little backstory for him. I have a basic idea of where I want him to come from and what I want him to be, but I haven't really developed the idea too much. I can post what I have if anyone is interested.

Oh, sorry for the crappy scan too. He looks much better in person, IMO.


Death looks interesting, a very medieval look to him. I recognize the Neimodian Warrior torso and legs, as well POTF2 C-3PO arms, but the rest is unfamiliar. Is any of it sculpey work, such as the head? Do I recognize a GI Joe backpack on his belt or is that something else?

Do feel free to post his background, should be interesting to see what you've got and if the Force has any play into it.

Taking a look at some of the other figures you've posted lately, the militia guys look good, they defintiely have a backwater look to them, right down to the projectile based weaponry. Though I do gotta say the use of the wacky Dagobah Luke head has me a bit thrown off. The Obi-Wan in Clone armor is a very gritty and realistic approach to the character. He definitely looks beaten down, but still has the Jedi poise to continue on. You've captured that quite nicely.

Happy Customizing!
Already replied at JD in more detail, but this is a great custom. I love the medieval look to him too, and the dry brushing is perfectly done.

SLC - THat is deffinately slick! That guy looks MEAN. WHat are hte extra bits - the head - the sholders, the staff.. I kinda sorta recognize them, but i cant figure out where i know em from.
Sith Lord Chaos
Thanks guys. Sorry I haven't responded sooner, I haven't been online too much lately, and I really tend to lurk here more than I post blushing.gif Hopefully that'll change soon. The Death Knoght is made of a Neimoidain Gunner. The pouch on the belt is from a Bbi figure but the rest is nothing but frog boy. The Helmet, shoulder armor, and ax are from some MegaBlox MagWarriors figure, the eyes on the head glow red when you press a button on the head. Oh I guess I did add some armor on the hands as well.

I finally got around to making some new figures too. I got 4 figures done for this month's Rebel Trooper CCC, over a JD. A new record for me. smile.gif I was hoping to get a fifth done but I ran out of time.

First up: Niemoidian Rebel X-Wing Pilot, Devir Floto

He is just a simple headswap really with a repainted head and helmet.

And next I've got a yet un-named Sakian Rebel General:

Really easy 15 minute custom, I had an extra Djas head and hands that I'd been wanting to use for while, as well as a Madine body, so I just threw this together. He maintains full articulation, all of the customs this update do actually. smile.gif

And next an un-named Endor Rebel Communications Officer:

A rather boring figure. I just cobbled himtogether quickly cause I couldn't find a real head, and wanted to get this stupid Obi-Wan head out of my fodder bin, so he became a comm officer.

And last but not least, and my personal favorite of the group a Rebel Sandtrooper:

He's got full articulation still, including the neck. The Bbi head I used had a short neckpeg and no neck whatsoever, so I stuck a soft plastic ring thing in the neck socket to act as a neck, and drilled a hole through it, the head now fits snugly in there and still moves. The goggles are POTF2 Gardinian goggles dremmeled off and attached to the hat, with little bits of cardboard type stuff as the straps. The Holster is a leftover Djas Puhr holster cut, modified, and flipped. The strap there is sculpey. I added an extra canteen to his backpack so he can stay hydrated. He is supposed to be wearing a thermal bodygolve under the clothing, like Imperial Sandtroopers wear, hence the face mask. I gave him the goggles and the face mask to protect him during sandstorms. And attempeted to give him some SW style desert camoflague.

Well let me know what you guys think! smile.gif
Hi Sith

You've done awesome looking custom of late and the rebel trooper in desert camo is great very well done especially on the colours you've used .

wow they all look great Ryan, but that last one.How much for it?I don't know why I love it maybe it's the paint schmeme.Or the removeable helmet.I don't know.Anyway Great Job!
Commented in more detail at JD - the last guy is definitely my favorite. Has a great desert-Star Wars feel to him.

Jesse James
Some great Rebel updates Ryan...

I like the way you diversify your Alliance military by including a unique variety of aliens. I don't believe any EU's shown any of those aliens but it's completely believable they would be there at least sporatically.

My personal favorite is the Djas Puhr Rebel Officer... I have kind of classified that uniform in my mind as the officers for Alliance Special Forces with their undershirts being further indication of what they do exactly or maybe a separation of rank. The parts seem to blend well, however I have one thought in that Djas's hands are "alien" with only a number of digits I think whereas Madine's hands have 5 on each hand. That would be my only criticism really though, otherwise fantastic.

I really shouldn't have said the general was my favorite because the X-Winger isn't far behind. The Neimoidian is definitely one I enjoy. The way the head stands out on the orange uniform is very cool and Neimoidians seem to have human-ish features for the most part. The hands again are slightly different but I can buy the gloves covering their fingers enough. The head looks great though, and it's a simple and effective diversification of your army. I always envisioned Neimoidians in the classic era as sort of a pawn under the Empire with some of them seeing the light and heading out on their own but their species being dominantly Imperial for whatever reasons. Some idealists get out and join up the Alliance though, and there you have your pilot. I could see a cool Fleet Trooper Neimoidian too, that'd just rock man.

The Com Officer's not my favorite either and I think you may find better use of the parts some day. Myself I'm a huge detractor of the Saga Rebel's legs. I hated the pre-posed sculpt, and the Obi-Wan head stands out as Obi-Wan to me so while I think you executed the mix/match of the parts well, and the deco looks good, I just am not a fan of the legs/head but that's just me.

The Rebel Commando in Desert gear is really cool... The paintjob stands out a lot and looks fantastic. I have a popped Rebel using the same base parts right now but I'm waiting to make a head for him that I want to use but don't want to use the original before I cast. The extra bits you added to yours is great, and I think the head with the goggles makes great sense. I like the canteen addition too, and the holster. really changes the figure up nicely.

Great work Ryan, as always man, a lot to oogle there. smile.gif
Sith Lord Chaos
Thanks a lot Jesse. The hands of the Djas General actually are fixed, I just cut the madine hands off at the hands and put some extra Djas hands on. I agree on that Endor commando, the more I look at it the more I hate it.

Good Christ, 2 1/2 months since an update? I've got to start finishing things I start on instead of starting them, getting halfway done, and then starting on something else. I have 12-15 WIPs over the last 2 months and only 1 new figure that I finished about a week ago.

I think I'm going to make another Sandtrooper figure, it was a pain to seperate those goggles but it was a really fun figure to make.

Gran Crime Boss/Thug/Gangster type

Not much to look at, he is just kind of a background filler type. He also is nameless at the moment.


Body: TSC Bib Fortuna
Arms, Feet, Neck, and Head: ROTS Ask Aak
Jesse James
Background filler figures work for me, and you painted him up dandy Ryan, so great work man.

The colors REALLY stand out nicely. The green pops, the wash on it is great... Looks like the Aak hands fit nicely into the Bib forearm area. A match made in heaven. Poseability limited obviously but I think that's ok for a filler guy. He would fit into any Cantina or random street or something, so that's pretty cool parts use man. Is this an amalgamation of an Aak you got in a TRU 2-pack you didn't want and an extra Bib? Very cool if so. Thanks for sharing it man, good to see you still working away. smile.gif
Sith Lord Chaos
Thanks Jesse. I had to dremmel into the soulders of bib a little bit to get the ball foreams to fit in there, but it wasn't too much work. They still have articulation but it is about as useless as the TSC Veers' boot joints. I've actually picked up several Ask Aaks in those 2 packs simply because for some reason I kind of like the Gran species. And I picked up a few extra Bibs awhile back too because I wanted the head for a few Twi'lek customs. I'd been looking for somewthing to use those bodies for and this just seemed to be a natural fit.

And speaking of working away how come we haven't seen any Jesse James originals lately? wink.gif
Jesse James
Many problems plague me... JJ originals just don't happen much. I either dont' finish stuff, or I finish and don't like it... Add onto that I have what some would consider a camera but only if they hadn't seen a camera before, and really I just am not a customs displayer. smile.gif

I have like 2 generic workers and 3 rebel troopers standing around at about 90% completion... I'm almost close to finishing all these things, but I'm too lazy to. It's sad. I am working more on my ability to do things than actually working on things, haha. I've been cutting plastic with no intention of what to use the plastic for... That's how lost I am at this point.
Sith Lord Chaos
I finally finished 2 of the WIPs that have been sitting in the fodder drawer for about 3 months now. They really were pretty basic, just headswaps really. Sorry for the [censored]ty picture I was in a rush.

Lieutenant Vash Rey’tal and Tael’ros Sygti

On the left is Lieutenant Vash Rey’tal a Twi'lek X-Wing pilot and on the right is Tael’ros Sygti a Kel Dors X-Wing pilot. Rey'tal is just a modified TSC Bib Fortuna head, I cut off some of the fat parts, an extra chin, and some lumps on his forehead. Then it was repainted. Sygti is a SAGA Plo Koon head and hands. The mask has been repainted black, white, and orange.

Hopefully I'll have a few more in the next couple of days. In the mean time comments and critiques are always welcome. smile.gif
Sith Lord Chaos
That last update went over well.... ermm.gif

I normally avoid clone customs I think I've done maybe 3 and those were back in April of last year, but after Hasbro's half-assed attempt at Cody, I had to tweak it a bit.

I'm alright without ball jointed shoulders for now. The way his shoulder pads are designed it would be difficult for them to even work right without looking too bulky.

All he is is the TSC Cody Body, Arms, head, helmet, and upper left leg. The right leg and lower part of the left leg are from an Utapau clone. I corrected the paint on the helmet so the little antennae are black and the little amera ball has color on it now.

A nice re-do of Cody, the new legs definitely give him a better stance, something flawed in the Hasbro toy. Why did you keep the upper left leg though?

Nice headswaps on those X-Wing pilots and a smart use of the Plo Koon hands for the gloves. Did you ever make headgear for these guys?

Happy Customizing!
Sith Lord Chaos
Hey Jason,

Thanks for the comments. I'm ont sure why I kept the upper thigh to be honest. It really wasn't much wider than the #41 leg would have been. I guess I just didn't want to repaint the little orange line. tongue.gif

For the pilots I haven't got around to making any headgear yet, I may make something for the Twi'lek at some point but as for Tael'ros I'll probably leave him as is since Plo Koon flew without any.
Somehow I thought you left the upper left leg to forgo the painting. biggrin.gif

If you go for headgear for the Twi'lek, have a look at the gear used for Ten Nunb, it might work out well for this guy's head.

Happy Customizing!
Jesse James
I've just not been around to comment on customs lately Ryan, sorry man...

The X-Wing Pilots are pretty great... I think though, I'd trim Bib's neckfat down or something. The whole neckfat thing really bothers me about that guy... Yet other Twi'Lek males seem to not have that grotesque thing on him. It's gross.

I agree with Jason too, we need headgear. smile.gif

On the Cody that's just one hell of an upgrade. For me, I'm thinking of a Cody upgrade just of the ankles. I am hoping to avoid painting the legs up any, and I think some poseable ankles MIGHT be the key to just getting him improved overall without painting... The legs swap looks grea thtough and you blended it all together well. I just want to avoid paint matching on this if I can... And I have extra feet from a Bacara, haha.
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