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QUOTE (TND @ Jun 6 2005, 09:37 PM)
i really like the Cobra Commander fig.....
one thing need to start producing some STAR WARS customs or we're gonig to boot ya!

Actually I made most of my SW customs before you joined the board tongue.gif Now I'm really just waiting on the "right" parts or Hasbro to make certain EU figures as I'm pretty sure almost every Cantina and Jabba's palace fig will be made within a couple years before the line becomes almost an online exclusive or worse, dead.

Red Ninja. Just a repaint of a v2 Storm Shadow with Model Master Imperial Red. I left the Tatoo alone. The ropes were touched with Model Master Leather.
Cobra Interrogator

Made from a Neo Viper head Cast, Gen Abernathy arms, Razor Trooper chest, Col Brekov v1 Legs and Dusty Spy Troops waist skirt. Paints are Testor's Dark Blue, Model Master Imperial Red, Model Master Leather, and Testor's Flat Clear.

Thre streak was in jeopardy today....High temps forced the air conditioning on (so fumes) and humidity (impedes paint drying) forced me to go another way. Dying. I was holding off on a cobra trainer, but Spectre suggested i make one for the Blue Shirts I did earlier. So here he is, the replacement for Big Boa (if you follow the comic he died) or a Big Boa Underling....

Cobra Trainer

Head is GI Joe Valor vs Venom Razor Claw v1, Valor vs Venom Duke v20 torso, Spytroops Shipwreck upper legs, Spytroops Flint lower legs, Razorclaw waist piece (whith small cobra symbol), Upper arms are Valor vs Venom Duke v20, and lower arms are Sgt Stalker v4. The MP5s are casts in which the stocks broke off, and than dyed. No Paint on the upper body, all of it is RIT Dye black. (the neon yellow of the arms turned puke green, unplanned and unexpected but works imo). The lower legs were painted flat black a long time ago.

Pretty low tech here...Dyed the visor/night vision helmet pieces and painted a red spot on them. 3 Funkskool and 1 89 Night Vipers.
An Update of earlier work...The Cobra Blue Shirts.

Just added the SpyTroops vest with the Cobra Symbol on it. I'm still looking for 1 More vest to complete out the team (So if you can help let me know, we can come to some sort of mutal arrangement is how Skywalker put it to the Hutt).

After seeing this, you'll begin to understand the question asked here but there is more to it...

Helicopter Medic

Chap Mei Tank Commander Head, Chap Mei Paramedic Body, v3/v4 (EcoWarrior <sic>) Flint arms (or so i'm told), Chap Mei Tank Commander Legs. The only paint is the Medium Military Green.
Lt. Claymoore

This character was inspired by a two part epsisode from the GI Joe Cartoon, "The Traitor". Claymoore is a Cobra troop who doesn't believe in Dusty's defection and spies on him for Tomax and Xamot. This is an updated of that character using a Roadblock SpyTroops head, Razorclaw v1 torso and upper arms, Dusty (irony there folks) lower arms and legs, and a Cobra Commander GI Joe v Cobra waist piece. The color is Dark Blue diluted about 10% with Guard Red (Model Master) and Flat Black paints used. The kneepads, belt, forearm pads, Cobra sigil and boots where given a Semi-gloss Finish, and the cloth parts were given a Clear Flat application.
Saw Viper

Don't have any of the purple/red Nemesis Enforce stylin' viper that Hasbro spit out towards the end of the line. This was much a test of reproducibility as it was mixing dying and painting. This was the first time I tried to reproduce the same figure since I did the TeleVipers/Vipers after my finals got over in December las year. First off, the parts are Desert Scorpion/Neurotoxin (color variants of same VvV fig) head, chest, arms, with Razor Claw/Razor Trooper waists and legs. Everything but the heads was RIT Dyed black. Than, the Cobra Sigil was painted on. Than, Testors Purple was painted where ever there was a "scaled" texture and on the leg straps. Desert Scorpion's head was than painted Flat Black, Steel on the Visor, and Light Skin toned on the neck. Equiped them with a backpack from the Crimson Guard 6 packs, and gave them Comic Pack Rock and Roll's gun.
I was always a big fan of the Saw Viper back in the day, I like the way yours turned out a different look to him with out sticking out in the battlefield as a big purple guy.

A little off topic...Toys R Us has a 6 pack called Cobra Procession. It comes with what looks like 4 "vintage" Range Vipers, hooded Cobra Commander with a cloth robe and Baroness with removeable glasses, this is probably the best looking Baroness I've seen. All figues are in red uniforms, and comes with a red throne also known as a Jedi Counsel chair.

Thought you might want to if for nothing else the Baroness figure.
Nah, when you can get the same figure now at clearance at places that have the older wave comic packs as well as now they're starting to show up at Dollar General...But thanks for the look out. I am starting to see some of the pics that are coming out of the GI Joe Con that's going on right now in Minneapolis.

Just some AK-47s I had laying arround and decided to do a whole bunch of variants...All down with an exacto blade and paint.
Lady Jaye

Bomb Strike head cast (bows to the Ash) painted with mix of Model Master Light and Warm skintone, hair a mix of Model Master Burnt Cienna and Military Brown with Burnt Cienna dry brushed/highlighed. The body is Crimson Guard Pack Daina (who ironically is the 4th casting of the v1 Lady Jaye body!).

And here she is with Flint...

On the edit: Added Lady Jaye with weapons and the pic w/Flint

Suposedly the GI Joe line is/was the most diverse group of people represented in toy form. They had every major ethnic group in America (Whites, Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, even Canadians, Brits and Soviets (Russians, Ukranians, and Georgians), 48 states represented etc. But the problem was, there was no size or scale in this diversity. And things that were "known" either by reading the comics, watching the cartoon, or the file cards couldn't be on display. Roadblock is the biggest problem with that. He's supposedly the biggest and strongest Joe. His first version didn't do him justice, actually made him look rather wirery and lame (poor guy, didn't even have a shirt, just a tank top). I tried to fix that. I used a comic pack Roadblock head and torso, Spytroops RB arms, Overkill upper legs, Shipwreck JvC lower legs. Skin color was matched by mixing Model Master Burnt Ciena and Military Brown. Sculpey was applied over the ribbed Overkill thighs and than beat up with a variety of screw driver sizes and edges to appear as if the pants were wrinkled. The color was kept a tone of yellow (Model Master Insignia yellow) to keep the comic appearances. The boots were touched up with Model Master Gloss black. The goatee and soul patch were added with a .7 mm drafting pen.

You can see the height comparison here.
With all the excellent Joe work done on thesze pages I'm going to have to dig out my joe customs. I really like what you guys have done. I'm goinh to try to find them and post some pics in the next couple of days.
Alright, some older stuff....


Don't know who's arms, painted Light Brown on shirt.

Nemesis Enforcer

Original head and chest, Razor Claw Arms, Heavy Duty thighs, Cobra Commander Mission Disc lower legs, original bat wings. Metalic Purple, Imperial Red. and Light Grey.


Mission disc Dusty head, bbi Elite Force Legs and lower arms, bbi Combat Command (Target) torso and upper arms, bbi Canteens glued on, legs glued to torso. Not painted to out of laziness and more a representation of being worn a lot in the field.

SAS Trooper

Don't know the head. Col Brekov v1 chest, unkown legs, PTE arms. RIT Dyed upper body dark green.

Tunnel Rat

Comic pack Tunnel Rat head, torso and arms. bbi Combat Command (target) legs that have been RIT Dyed dark green. The t-hook (ends with small ball) from the bbi fig was switched to a gi joe t-hook (ends with a hook for the o-ring). This effectively makes him the smallest GI Joe action figure I have.
Sort of a WIP. Making bigger and better wings for Nemesis Enforcer. Again, I'm working with my cell camera here. My old digital camera isn't compatible with my new computer (at least till I buy the to USB converter).

The Spectre
Looks very good so far! Glad you could use the wings biggrin.gif

Can't wait to see it all painted up biggrin.gif
QUOTE (The Spectre @ Feb 10 2006, 10:43 PM)
Looks very good so far! Glad you could use the wings biggrin.gif

Can't wait to see it all painted up biggrin.gif

Paint? What's that? This substance (rubbery) is ideal for dying...(slow painful, colorful explosions of different wave lenghts being absorbed and reflected).
Nemesis Enforcer

Well as promised...
SAW Viper

bbi Head and some sculpey make a relatively easy custom. Adds some diversity to Cobra.
General Joseph Colton

He's the original GI Joe. Simple head swap. GI Joe head from Viper Lockdown and Gen Abernathy VvV Body, M4 is Maurader Inc.

Red Spot

One of the lesser knowns from the Spy Troops line. I changed his specialty to Marksman/Sniper from Laser Trooper. Keeps the meaning of some laser guided scopes on the rifles. The figure is Red Spot RIT Dyed dark green, the backpack is bombstrike, the Helmet is Comic Pack 9 Breaker and the Rifle is bbi.
Lady Jaye looks good except for the eyes and that Nemesis Enforcer really looks wicked, thats how Hasbro should have made them.
Fred VII Crimson Guard

Head is a cast by Ash. The body is the removable helmet Crimson Guard from the 6 pack.

Head is a cast by Ash. Body is Claws Commander.
Wow Pbarny, i've never come accross this thread before today.
Super work. Very cool set of customs.
I've been fighting the urge to get back into joes.... Your're making it more difficult.
Paul, You've gotten 100 times better with the eyes. Great work! Glad to see all those head casts going to good use!
Ahhh, the oddballs are back!

Big Boa

Arm swapped with a VvV Wave 7 Gung Ho. Painted it all one fleshy color. Sealed with Flat Clear. I lost the hose a long time ago, and well, just haven't missed it.

Croc Master

Mix match of the 2 Croc Master versions. Arms and lower legs are v2, head, chest, waist are v1. The back of the legs were heavily sanded to allow it to fit. The paint mix for the skin was a mix of green, flesh, and white. There's some dry brushing of black on the gator skins and just straight painting on black on the legs.

And Ash, thank you. But no need to paint eyeballs on these guys!
Wild Bill

v1 Wild Bill head, don't know arms (probably Dog Fight), Law chest, Gen Colton Legs. Walker watch out!

A Chimera if there ever was one. Head and lower arms are bbi Combat Command (Target), upper arms are Spytroops Recondo, Chest is VvV Gung Ho, and legs are VvV/Spytroops Tunnel Rat. Paint is some dark green. Weapons are mostly bbi Elite Force except for the Claymore, Marauder Inc.

Didn't have this grenadier figure as a kid, and the head screamed Hasbro sue us, so I went with it.


Head, Arms, Chest are all Psyche-Out. Legs are part Spytroops Shipwreck and Part Overkill with sculpey added. I hated Psyche-Out. So I went with a retro look for a new figure, Hi-Tech. He's more Lobot than typical military.

Big Lob

Link Talbot Head, Chest and Arms, and ??? Upper legs, and Spytroops Snake Eyes lower legs (articulated feet). It's Big Tool!, I mean Lob; lamer than the plot of GI Joe the movie was this character. So I went with the Dr. Link Talbot pot smokin' eyes glazed look, painted the jersey number on, and tried to put his name on the back of the shirt. Didn't quite get it. Also showed a size comparison, I wanted him bigger than Tunnel Rat (the shortest figure i've tried to make) and smaller than Roadblock, the tallest/largest.
Sniper Viper

This is my third and final version of this character. I've done. Different purple paint on this guy. All three are grouped in the second shot. I see them as a cross between SAW and Night vipers.

Real and casted Ferret Head, Big Ben Torso and arms, VvV Snake Eyes Legs (v24billion?), and bbi Mini M249.

The Ferrets originally were the drivers of the D.E.M.O.N. of Destro's Iron Grenadiers. I see them in that specialty in a broader role, all things heavy they use with the Destro twist of high end weaponry. They demonstrate all ground high end weapons were as the Iron Grenadiers are commandos/espionage agents who narate said sales pitches, Annihilators are just airborn Iron Grenadiers, Nullifiers are the pilots, TARGAT's the satelite tech reps.

Here's a group shot of both the original and my custom Ferrets.

So I've had these semi-useless TIE Fighter pilot heavy blaster rifles. I was looking at a a small detail on it and it reminded me of something, a Cobra rifle from the pre-Viper days on the cartoon. So I did some trimming and cutting, still need to do some fine shaving off of some pieces.

for a reference of the Hasbro version. It is slightly shorter than these.

If anyone wants me too, I'll go back through the thread and fix as many of the broken images as I can. Also, look forward to some held version of this gun.
As promised, you can see how oversized and out of scale this rifle really is. It'll work with PTE figures though.

PTE Cobra Blueshirt w/custom rifle and Comic Cobra Trooper w/Hasbro rifle

PTE Cobra Blueshirt w/Hasbro rifle and Comic Cobra Trooper w/custom rifle
Black Dragon Ninja Trooper

VvV Storm Shadow RIT Dyed black. Head hand painted. Red and gold painted. Weapons repainted.

Snake Eyes as Black Dragon Ninja

VvV Storm Shadow RIT dyed black with Snake Eyes head. Same as above.

WIP Kwinn

All he needs to be completed is a head. I have no Kwinn head. Cast or actual one. Please, anyone have a kwinn head?
I like the Ninjas. Your dye and paint always seem to come out better on the Joe figures. My only issue with Kwinn is the upper half of the left leg is thinner that the lower half.

Would it have been possible to hollow and thin out the leg pouch and attach it around the leg with maybe a gap in the back if it did not go all the way around?
Well I got him, and he had no lower legs, so they're all sculpted. It is more about getting it attached than anything.
While submitting pics to joe customs, I updated a bunch of my older works. So there's all new pics of the 3 previous black dragons, Duke, Flash, Mainframe and Sgt. Hacker.

And previously only available by link before, is Sci-Fi


Been absolutely thrilled with the 2 versions of Spirit out offered by Hasbro DTC. My favored version is the darker suit included with the Devil's Due Fan Choice Comic pack. Basically Spirit wasn't what won it but Covergirl. I changed the thighs on this figure. The right is a comic pack Snake Eyes. The left is a v1 Spirit. I had to add slightly bigger notches to the knee joint. I than painted the figure black, retouched the necklace and straps.


Wow, my 2nd Shipwreck custom. I better quit this out before I over do it on him. I got a vintage figure with all the parts but the waist in a trade. No big deal. He's in a fairly worn state. I had to touch up his beard, hat, and gloves. The pants are from the same comic pack as Spirit above, but belong to Hannibal.

Now, onto my plea for trades. I've asked for help with a Kwinn head. But even longer I've wanted a Toll Booth head to allow me to complete the following:

Winter Operations Stalker

Body is a Comic Pack #2 Snake Eyes with v2 Stalker head I got in pre primed from Spectre ?, so I had to paint all the skin, and the eyes. The picture doesn't show it, but the eyes are even. This leaves Scarlet as the only Joe not made from this issue.
Snake Eyes Unmasked

Relatively simple one made with some not used/unusable parts in other figures. Torso and upper arms are Snake Eyes v103945 (seriously ohmy.gif ), the lower arms are Hannibal, the legs are a Dusty v3 or 4, and the waist is VvV Duke v14958 (not quite as many as Snake Eyes), and the head is RotS Anakin Skywalker with parts notched out and filled with pink pain to resemble scarring.
QUOTE (pbarny @ Jun 3 2007, 03:50 PM)
Now, onto my plea for trades.  I've asked for help with a Kwinn head.  But even longer I've wanted a Toll Booth head to allow me to complete the following:

I may be able to help you with that Tollbooth. I'm not sure, but I may have him.
QUOTE (captaincracker @ Jun 7 2007, 08:51 PM)
QUOTE (pbarny @ Jun 3 2007, 03:50 PM)

Now, onto my plea for trades.  I've asked for help with a Kwinn head.  But even longer I've wanted a Toll Booth head to allow me to complete the following:

I may be able to help you with that Tollbooth. I'm not sure, but I may have him.

Shoot me a pm and let me know what you want/need, I'll try and sell my soul, my wife, and other things that aren't mine (shhhhhhhh) to help complete my village people. Only really need a head, but whole figure is great!!! THANK YOU!!!
Cobra Mortal or De Ašo

This character is one of the more expensive and harder to find international figures out there. It is rather simple. The head, torso and waist are Snake Eyes, the arms are ??? and the upper legs are Spirit Iron Knife and lower legs are VvV Razor Trooper. Than red and silver are applied to make him particular garish (and thus evil). Silver parts were sealed with semi gloss while the red with flat/clear. The weapons are Marauder SiG 550 and SoCom Pistol.


Cobra and their ninjas. This time an evil female red ninja, Vypra. I used the darker skin tone I made for Ronon Dex on Vypra to make her of Asian or Middle Eastern descent, but definitely not white nor black. Torso, legs, and waist are from Comic Pack Scarlet. The arms are Comic Pack Baroness. The head is a Stormshadow. Silver applied to the Cobra guantlets and a red/black paint mix applied just about every place else.
S.A.S. Trooper

Another one of Her Royal Majesty's elite Special Air Service Troopers. This one is a Funskool (India) Flint head and torso, Col Brekov Waist and legs with VvV Duke Arms. There's some Dark Green, Gold, Red, brown and dry brushed light green there for ya. The weapons are a Bombstrike Wasp, the Flint backpack, and bbi Shotgun. Who knows what role he'll play on Big Ben's team.

I've had him in a drawer for a long time and just got him posted. The body is a Night Force Cross Hairs (i believe) with a Gung Ho head. The beret is Marauder Inc, and the gun is a HK36 from bbi (part of the series 3 weapon accessories that were there and gone in a single day). He'll serve the function as the units second under Big Ben.

My full S.A.S. Team. This group is on loan from the U.K. to work with GI Joe.

On edit, added the Team and second Trooper.
Dr. Mindbender

Updating Dr. Mindbender from his 86 version here. I wanted to capture some of his vanity/absurdity of the original costume (mostly the cape) with a bit more practical lab/workshop clothes. That's why he has dirty white pants. He's got his hands dirty. The jacket is to cover up and present his latest crackpot invention to the big snake while wearing the cape. The head is a SpyTroops Mindbender head, a VvV Cobra commander torso, a Croc Master v1 waist and ??? legs. I did finish most of the figure with a flat clear, but finished the monocle, Cobra clips, and belt with semi gloss.

Sparks is the reservist/aid who manages the GI Joe team out of the Pentagon. He's supposedly a communications and information database genius. He has next to no contact with the team actual, but there he is in his field gear. Comic pack 9 breaker head, 82 Grunt torso, Fastdraw arms, 82 Rock n Roll waist and Big Ben? legs.
Major Sebastian Bludd

There's going to be a new version of Maj. Bludd. Saw him, disappointed. I some how want to capture the v1 version, the unexplained cybernetic arm, the body armor, etc. So I customized the newest version. The head, helmet, bandana, waist and belt, and right arm are all DTC Bludd. The Torso and left arm are Overkill. The legs are Corps figure.

Cobra Recruiter

Now I call this guy the recruiter, but he could just be a dressed up Cobra officer. The parts are Col Brekov torso, Breaker Arms, Brekov legs, ??? waist, and Crimson Guard head with Bludd helmet.


Bazzoka. He's got an itch because Alpine arranged for him to see this girl. ph34r.gif blink.gif He's not smart, despite what the file card says. I used a DTC Barrel Roll torso, DTA Footloose helmet, legs, waist and arms. The numbers are painted on by hand. The weapon is bbi.

Landing Signal Officer, LSO

A greenshirt/reservist, since the Joes have the FLAGG (but I don't), they need Naval sailors and officers to fulfill all the roles of the modern supper carrier. That's where this guy fits in. He could be the LSO, or the petty officer signaling the plane into the catapult. Upper arms are bbi, lower arms are Combat Command, Torso is Combat command with opening at the bottom enlarged with 1/4" drill bit and arm holes counter sunk, the legs are v1 Shipwreck, the waist is ???, and the head is v1 Slipstream.
Well it's the 4th of July, and why not a little post about those who fight for freedom before blowing off my fingers?


One of those 1985 Joes that I own next to no originals of. I got this weird head from Spectre way back when and well it just sat there. Lonely, in the bin, never to be used, than it popped in my brain last weekend, he could be Barbecue, which is the 92 v2 Barbcque. I used a Swamp Rat arms, DTC Spirit upper legs, Overkill Lower legs, Tunnel Rat torso and light pack with Comic pack Ripper's jaws-of-life. I went with the open face because that is sort of the difference between joe's and cobra. Joes let you see them, share their identity.


Yet another one of thes 1985 figures. Hazardous Materials. Until recently, it looked like a silly figure. Than this guy becomes the one who sweeps in after, cleans up the mess, tells the team that just went in they're all clean, don't need the roto-rooter physical. His head was the cousin of the bbq one from Spectre, 92 Deep Six v3, the arms are Tunnel Rat, the chest and waist are Hi-Tech, the legs are Link Talbot. The sniffer is made from a Marauder Inc M60 with a Marauder Inc SAW249 ammo clip with corner beveled to match the natural one (sort of) and a few pieces of the M60 cut away.

S.A.W. Viper

Well, just the opposite of the exposing the face, Cobra's keep it hidden. I used a Luke Skywalker head here. I was trying to go for a middle easter/indian look. I don't think it worked. I did get young. So yes, I was playing to a stereotype.

Found the heads in the Eco-Warriors Subteam.
QUOTE (pbarny @ Oct 17 2005, 09:22 PM)
Alright, some older stuff....


Updating this one. I started him because I wasn't initially happy with the arms on the shirt. They used old v1 Roadblock arms and copped out by painting the above the swivel joint a color and the remainder flesh. I tried to fix that above, but went way to big.

So what to do? Well I practices some arm swapping found in the . I busted a few early on, and the older they are the more prone to busting they are. I was able to save a bunch of decent hands and put them on more muscled upper arms, or arms with shirts with some sort of detailing, giving me a variety of "new" fodder to use.


Used a FunSkool Flint upper with the comic pack Duke 1. Also took the time to fix the eyes some what. Used a new color that was a mix of brown, flesh, white, and yellow. Drybrush white.

Eskimo Kwinn's Sled Dogs

The pack in for the Kwinn sled dogs in the 2nd GI Joe comic pack was an all black dog based off the Order mold. It wasn't all that appealing. Had to do something about it. That's my attempt. To me, looks a bit ferral still. Maybe should've gone with blueish-green eyes like sled dogs tend to have.

On Edit: Added Sled dogs pics.
Naval Reservist

Figured since I made the LSO, the Shipwreck, figured out how to swap lower arms, would make some more sailors despite the lack of the Flagg (or maybe I'll build one that's able to handle at least 2 Skystrikers). The head is a AtoC Obi-Wan on a Tripwire torso, comic pack Breaker waist and Scharge upper legs with Tunnel Rat Lower legs. Tatoos were hand painted on Funskool Flint lower arms and v1 Spirit upper arms.


This is definitely a parts bin clearer. bbi Elite Force head, Maj Bludd arms and torso, SE VvV wasist, Sgt Hacker legs. Went with brown and a heavy dry brush to simulate the dirt, dust and what not that he has to pick up crawling through things, settles on him after the boom etc. Belt is bbi Elite Force, gun and claymore are Marauder Inc.
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