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*cues Eminem...look who's back...back again...*

That's right b censored.gif 's. I'm back. thumbup.gif ----->not thumbs and not #1 hypocrite.gif
Agent Faces

Started off with a simple head placement. Took a v2 Spy Troops Agent Faces (v1 is actually the Crimson Guard Mailaway), hollowed out the head, trimmed some of it away, and put it on a Chuckles body. And the background is the downstairs fireplace in the house. Yeah, that's right, braggin' about the house because I got upstairs and downstairs functioning and passed inspection fireplaces. dry.gif
Nice figure to make your return. I think he looks great. I thought the Agent Faces head was too small to use on a modern body, but you've proved me wrong. Looks like that head would also make a good clutch, if you had not already made one.
Sgt Humpty
Very cool! I don't remember a whole lot about Agent Faces, but I love the figure. NO painting was required?
QUOTE (DnJcustoms @ Jul 3 2010, 04:43 PM) *
Very cool! I don't remember a whole lot about Agent Faces, but I love the figure. NO painting was required?

As much painting as clothes a new baby comes with!!! So none. Just drilling and cutting! blushing.gif
QUOTE (Steve Winwood)
I'll be back in the high life again, all the doors that were closed to me, will open up again

Big N, I mean Heavy Duty

another simple head swap. Drilled out the Valor Vs Venom head and put on the ROC KMart pack exclusive. Gave him a Footloose DTC Belt, a Marauder customized Chain gun.

You'll notice the very contraversial title. It is during a time when Hasbro lost out on a lot of copyrights so they had to make replacement characters. The fanbase didn't react positive to another black, large, heavy machine gunner cook. Given Hasbro's racist ways of character design and naming (Spirit anyone?), thought I'd go down the most offensive way since that is what Hasbro did to joe fans from 2001-2006.

Which one is the real one?

I AM censored.gif !!!! POW!!!!
simple custom, but it looks to me like the skin doesn't match his head/face, which looks darker than his arms and neck.
QUOTE (clonecommander972 @ Jul 30 2010, 07:21 PM) *
simple custom, but it looks to me like the skin doesn't match his head/face, which looks darker than his arms and neck.

Yeah, there is a slight difference. Chalk it up to yep, he's sunburnt. blushing.gif
So thanks to all of the trades recently I've actually gotten another thing done. Still no painting area set up now.

Just a simple head swap with the hole at the base of the head widened to accomodate the post. Hardmaster head, Obi-Wan Kenobi body. The scroll comes from the original Hardmaster figure.
Awesome! I really like your parts choices. This looks much better than the "Lifeline jumpsuit" Hasbro version.
Sgt Humpty
Yeah, this looks great! It's a huge improvement over what was a rather lame figure from Hasbro. Where did you get the sword rack? I might have need of something like that in the very near future...
QUOTE (DnJcustoms @ Sep 25 2010, 04:49 PM) *
Yeah, this looks great! It's a huge improvement over what was a rather lame figure from Hasbro. Where did you get the sword rack? I might have need of something like that in the very near future...
That sword rack comes with the Snake Eyes/Hard Master comic pack.
poo.gif Look what I did!!! To all those who think I do nothing but post ( censored.gif -holes), I do still make stuff . rolleyes.gif


ROC Neo-Viper (from SerpentSNAKE Armor set), SpyTroops Blackout head and goggles, Marauder rifle and Spytroops Blackout belt with the middle cut out.
Sgt Humpty
Awesome! I like what you did with this. As lame as the Neo-Vipers are, that body is incredibly useful.
Nice job with ol' Busey there. I think Don's comments about cover it. Some silver webgear would really put him over the top.
QUOTE (meandnooneelse @ Dec 27 2010, 12:23 PM) *
Nice job with ol' Busey there. I think Don's comments about cover it. Some silver webgear would really put him over the top.

Funny you should mention that, I was debating about putting some of the SpyTroops snap on disguise stuff. Still am. Needs painting. What have we noticed about my customs that are done since I started putting them up again? No painting. *sighs*. I thought I could let it slide given how the Neoviper seems to have built in silver padding on the shins and forearms which are much greater on the original figure.

So, what makes him a custom as opposed to a bunch of accessory swaps? Hands have been changed with a Pit Commando. The head is the "disguise" from the PoC ZartanRaptor, as is the overcoat, the duffle. The rifle comes from Roll Bar from the Snarler cycle. Remember, Sandstorm was originally slated to be in the cancelled Target Exclusive RAM (ie the 4th or 5th wave of the Target vehicle exclusives) and is the "person" the above mentioned not-Zartan is supposed to be disguised as.

QUOTE (pbarny @ Apr 16 2006, 07:55 PM) *
General Joseph Colton

He's the original GI Joe. Simple head swap. GI Joe head from Viper Lockdown and Gen Abernathy VvV Body, M4 is Maurader Inc.

So time for a revision. It helps that with the Chuclkes custom that was replaced by the Attack on Cobra island 7 pack version had a spare Indiana Jones body...Put on one Obi-Wan head (which I think came from the version that made the Soft Master), and you have an older Gen Colton.

OM censored.gif censored.gif censored.gif censored.gif G.

QUOTE ("Joliet" Jake Blues)
Jesus censored.gif tap dancing censored.gif

Did I paint some more? I never threaten, I carry through.


Rather simple update using couple of Indiana Jones parts, and the TRU Orange will not get lost in the snowstorm Doc head.

GI Jane

Joe Colton's assitant/nurse/woman. Lady Jaye body, GI Jane head, skin tone painted, with GI Jane legs. Yeah, I could've either painted the legs or the crotch to match, but I didn't. hypocrite.gif No desire to either.


Drawin in the comics as massive, I went BIG. Marvel Universe Juggernaut with movie Hulk2 head. First time using the MU bodies, gotta say, like them. Were I not such a total whore for Star Wars, would get into this line had I the time, money and interest in minor characters (how many Iron Mans, Spidermans and Captain Americas does on need or is that Snake Eyes Storm Shadow and Duke or Type II Clone Trooper, Yoda, Commtech Cantina Han Solo, Hasbro?). I envision each of the Dreadnoks as hardcore addicts, not that light grape soda (alcohol) and Jelly donuts (crack/meth) of the comics. Roadpig is different. He uses anabolic steroids and HGHs so much that he has grown to this size. And Roid rage? Well if he gets angry as exhibited here, not even Zarana can calm him down. The dirty feel is to make him fit in with the biker gang, hygine challenged dreadnoks. So yeah, a lot of uneven paint and highlighting was intentional and rather than perfect it one way or the other, decided to stop till I paint a whole lot more again.
Here's a few more for you (not) dry.gif to comment on my return to painting and not just parts swapping. censored.gif


I admit, I really screwed this up trying to make it several times and this is the compromise with what parts I had left. I ruined several trying to crack torsos despite Gene's best efforts to talk me through it. I even practiced on several other GI Joe 25th/ROC torsos and had no problems, of course they were male. The female ones just bent and bubbled. Oh, so what made me do this one? Well Sick of her o-ring breaking every 6 months like ever other post 1997 o-ring figure. So the parts: Head, forearms, and jacket are DTC Comic Pack Covergirl, POC Body has had neck post trimmed, and holes drilled into the forearms to accept POC Covergirl hands.


Fixing Hasbro's misnamed POC figure that is not Zartan. Painted the cowl and eyes, as well as enlarged the hole in the back of the cowl and back to accept the ARAH Raptor wings.

The Crimson Guard Commanders/Twins



The Twins are just ROC Destro's with the holster's removed (and traded away along time ago) with casts of the 25th Comic Pack heads. I obviously need work on head painting here. I was using a drafting pen to add the eyebrows and the primary crevese of Xamot's scar.
Barrel Roll, v1

Here's one of the newer and actually memorable characters from the last of the o-ring era. Sniper/glider/brother Barrel Roll. Just a RoC Air Raid painted up blue and grey.


So, Destro from UPB pack body, Darklon head cast (all that is left after the post office delivered a package to the wrong address and the land lord threw it out in violation of federal law), Indiana Jones gunbelt and Darth Vader cape.


25th version HISS driver body and lower legs from 25th Cobra officer. Belt came from bombstrike.

Col Brekov

Here's one of the handful that really turned me off o-rings (the other being the 97 TRU Viper 3 pack, 37 o-rings, 4 years between those 4 figures. Unacceptable). So it's an Indy Jones Nazi with the comic pack brekov head and painted up brown and tan.

Edit: Anyone else having problems seeing the pictures? all the links are valid/copied from photobucket. N/m seems to work now.
End of the year and I'm squeezing some customs out. Simple reason, I have lots of time to kill when I'm changing from AM to PM shifts at the latest lab to employ my services (follow or ask on Facebook what is going on).


Essentially a Pit Commando with some swapping of hands on the Rip Cord wannabe included with the Snarler cycle. Requisite parts painted red. Head is that of a Pit Commando and the vest/leg webbing that of Ripcord or whoever it was supposed to be.


So I'm 3/3 on the Stahl sibblings this time taking Allysa aka Bombstrike the younger sister of Barrel Roll and Blackout into modern construction and out of SpyTroops/ValorvsVenom o-ring breakage/disproportionate bodies. Covergirl body, bombstrike head.

Just some simple things here. Made a couple of characters who were welcomed additions to the joe team in 1989 who weren't that silly. Given how the Joes in theory are outnumbered much of the time, they'd have to rely on specialties that used "heavier" weapons and Repeater a "stedi-cam or heavy gunner" and Hardball "grenadier" fir that nicely. First and update on Hardball

Hardball v2

This is my second attempt at Hardball. I went more military opting for a bbi Elite force body and using the head I had used from the bbi Combat Command figure trimmed. Weapons/accessories stayed the same. Had to glue the head in place.


A ROC Rescue Duke body, Indiana Jones Nazi soldier head, indy belt/hoster, Marauader P90 (trimmed) and a bbi-M249 SAW. Yes, the neck is a little too long thin and the hair should be darker. Anything else?


Mutt torso/legs with Greenshirt arms and prince of persia head. Vest is Mutt's. Club is Mutt's but P90 is marauder inc. trimmed again. I did probably make him more Hispanic/darker complected than the file card/original indicates. But than again, Tunnel Rat is a bit too white and not enough Asian; Likewise Zap but Hispanic etc.
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