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Full Version: Having trouble uploading an avatar
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I'm new to some of these things, but I'm trying to upload a jpeg image for my avatar. It was a relatively large size file (Meccano logo), but I resized it to 64 X 64 pixels. It still does not upload correctly. Can anyone help me with this. What else can I do? Thanks. sad.gif
I don't think the upload avatar works. I just pointed it to my web site.
blink.gif Well, I tried having it point to my website, but it only seems to work for a brief while. What's up with that?

I moved this thread to a section better suited for the problem.

currently, we're having problems with getting avatars that members upload to the fforums showing up after they've been uploaded. I'm working on it, unfortunately it's going slow. keep an eye out on the following thread for updates while I work on the problem:
Avatar Issues

as for the avatars you have pointing from your website, which appears to be on, sites like that do not like having random images pointed elsewhere outside of their domain so hence the problems you're having there.

hopefully this helps you out, we'll be keeping everyone updated as soon as we have new info on the problem.

It won't let me upload a GreenDay avatar it 100x100.
It only accepts I think 50 or something like that. 50 50 i think.
as indicated in the thread linked in my last message, users cannot upload their own avatars, you will either have to select from a pre-existing avatar or set a remote link for your avatar.
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