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Full Version: ghetto hoth diorama
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this is my 10 minute hoth diorama. i will update it later, but so far its a bunch of figures and snowspeeders on a bed sheet on the floor. once my friend and i have combined our hoth troops, ill post again. i have more snowspeeders and turrets that i have not pictured. also, take note of my extensive imperial hoth army!
look at all the midget hoth troopers!! silly hasbro! tongue.gif

the classic use of bedsheets for the hoth environment brings me back to my youth when I would use blankets to re-create canyons or caves. you have a pretty neat layout there, it looked like you have the beginnings of a trench going as well. and it isn't completely ghetto, well except for the nesquik bottle, you gotta go ovaltine! laugh.gif

happy customizing!
The Spectre
It's not that ghetto! With a little imagination, a sheet could be just about anything.

I remember having a very thick, heavy brown comforter that I would use as an "island" when I played with my Joes as a child. I would bunch it up really well, creating little valleys, caves and trenches. It would hold this shape even with figures and light vehicles on it due to it's thickness. I had a blue/green carpet in my bedroom and would place this comforter in the middle of the floor where my Killer Whale could easily "land" on it's "beach" so my Joes could disembark looking for the secret Cobra base.

I also used it on my bed as a "mountain" as I had brown sheets that were about the same color.
Happy Noodle Boy
I bet that Snowtrooper in the last pic wishes he had called reinforcements! biggrin.gif
Ben Skywalker
Hey me and my brothers love doing this! I have a tan rug in my room so we use it for a desert! Since I have 4 wheel drive toys they make hills for them to drive on! Pretty nice set up you have there and I'm sure that imp poo.gif his pants! LOL.
My brother and I used to cover the sofa with sheets and used it as mountains, we used a blue sheet for water, nothing wrong with low tech if it works
Ben Skywalker
Amen to that!
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