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Full Version: The Findswoman Collection updated!
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Hi all,

Just letting you know that some customs have newly been posted at my custom site, The Findswoman Collection. Most of these you have seen before, but they hadn't been posted yet.

Aurra Sing (Slave)
Female Stormtrooper
Jaina "Sticks" Solo (X-Wing Pilot)
Toryn Farr (mark II)
12" Mara Jade
12" Naboo Handmaiden (gold outfit)

More to come soon -- till then, enjoy! smile.gif

... the Findswoman

Cool update on the site, a couple of those figures I hadn't seen before such as the Slave Aurra. The Toryn Farr you did has influenced me to do a couple of things with the one I'm currently making, so much thanks there for that.

Happy Customizing!
You're most welcome, Corr! Thanks so much for visiting, and glad I could be of help.

Happy customizing to you, too!
... the Findswoman
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