I am working on a series of action figure display bases, so collectors will be able to set up a mini diorama with their favorite action figure, super hero or super villain…

the first finished pieces are suitable for 1:18 military figures (G.I.Joe, Elite Force, Ourwar etc.), I'm also planning on doing some Star Wars and Transformers display bases.

Heavy Weapon Display Set

Set includes:
A scratch build mini diorama base, hand painted with weathering affects emulating the look of stone and dirt and extra detailing (notice the bullet shell cases on the ground?).
modified Minimi gun with added parts and ammo box.
customized helmet with a face shield.

RPG Ambush Display Set
this time I designed the scratch build display base it to look more "urban", set includes a hand painted RPG launcher Launcher Launcher.

Ideas, requests and comments are most welcomed, thanks for looking.