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Full Version: danger days
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well, this is something i've been wanting to try and do for a while now, but i'm basically stumped as to what to do about parts to make these guys.
some reference pictures of who i'm talking about:
exterminator Korse, the main baddie (played by comic book writer grant morrison)

and the rebel group known as the killjoys

and just to throw it out there, the trailer for album these characters are from
art is the weapon
anyway, i'm really at a loss as to what kind of parts to use, particularly for the jackets. i'm not looking for 100% darklord level accuracy, but as close as possible would be good. i've been really out of the loop as far as collecting and figures and stuff goes lately (i'm not allowing myself to buy any more figures because i need to save money for university)
(sorry for the huge pictures, i'll resize and reupload them later happy.gif; )
Older Ponda Bopa jacket and arms. And since these are POTF2 should be able to get them for cheap.
never think to use older parts, since i don't have much older stuff, and usually want my figures to have as much articulation as possible. but i know exactly where i can get a couple of those old ponda-baba figs easy! thumbup.gif
anyway, finished the first of my killjoy customs, Gerard Way A.K.A party poison
the mask is a little hard to see. i basically just drew it on with brush pens, since i didn't want to risk using a paintbrush and ruining the head, or sculpting the mask. i know it's not 100% accurate, but i'm still pretty happy with it smile.gif

torso: ROC cobra pilot (the one included with the blue/black jet thing)
legs: ROC neo viper
head: ROTS anakin skywalker
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