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Full Version: Iron Grenadier Ninjas By Meandnooneelse
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Shadow Hunter

Frustrated from dealing with the nuisance of the Arashikage ninjas Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, Destro put out a call for a contract ninja to deal with the problem. John Peterson was an American Ninjutsu instructor who longed to put his training to use. He took the job along with the moniker “Shadow Hunter”. Both his name and look were designed to mock his Arashikage adversaries. And though he proved to be a formidable foe, never accomplished the task for which he was hired. He perished battling the two Arashikage Ninjas when they participated in a strike against an Iron Grenadier convoy.

The cool thing about Shadow Hunter is the story and figure date back to a custom I made as a child. I used a cheap Remco ninja (pictured below) and replaced his legs with a Cobra trooper’s legs. So this is a modern version of a childhood creation.

Night Creeper

After the death of Shadow Hunter, Destro knew he needed a more powerful ninja, someone of super human quality. From this came Night Creeper. Night Creeper was not a subcontractor; he actually joined the Iron Grenadiers and was a high ranking officer. He opted into Destro’s biochemical enhancement program to give him superhuman strength, but the process is dangerous, so he opted for minor enhancement compared to others such as the monstrous Darklon and the cyborg Sci-Fi.

Sgt Humpty
Gene - I already commented on these guys over at the Tank, but is that a new Darklon in your group photo?
Nope. That's the only one I've made. Click here to see his discussion thread.
beast from the east
Thats a nice set of IG. Love the customs
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