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Full Version: Ysanne Isard- WIP
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Ysanne Isard work in progress. Its a rough sculpt, and the pic is a bit blurry, but I thought i'd share.

I have a bit more rough sculpting to do and then i'll start defining the limbs and clothes better and adding more articulation(right now its just the head and left arm).

I don't know if it is just me but I think her face looks just a tiny bit older then in the source picture. ermm.gif

Great work though! It's really neat to see how far you have gotten.
Jedi Arts
Suggestions?? Yeah, I have a suggestion!!! HASBRO needs to hire you IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif drool.gif drool.gif drool.gif drool.gif drool.gif

There's some serious customizing going on over here!!!!

great work so far on ysanne. you say the figure is completely sculpted? the arms and legs look a bit familar, did you use any figures as inspiration when sculpting them? as for suggestions, and these are more cosmetic suggestions than anything else, you could make the hair a bit longer to match the reference pics. and you might want to look into shrinking the width of the lines down her tunic, it may just be the pics themselves, but those lines seem a bit too pronounced. overall this is looking to become a great custom, keep us updated!

happy customizing!
The head is from scratch, the rest of the parts are re-tooled. The legs are re-tooled from Adi Galla and the arms i started with depa but i'm gonna change those. Part of the torso is from Aya.
I made molds of the various parts and then made wax casts. Then, sclupt(change) the different parts to fit more to the figure i'm making.

But i still have alot of work to do on her...
The hair was getting in the way trying to detail the chest, so i will do the long hair last.
Good to see more of your work glassman. She looks good so far. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. wink.gif
Well after a year and a half, I have finally made an effort to finish this figure.
Thanks to Phruby's Group Project at JD, i have wraped up Ysanne Isard.

Here are Isard and Dalla. Oh and the ladies love ozell.

Dalla was cast in grey plastic and given a olive wash, and ysanne was cast in rose color plastic and drybrushed with british crimson.
I tried adding a fabric texture to the cloths like ozell has, but it looks like finger prints in the picture, but its a crossing pattern.

The heads were simple retooling of padme with hair added, and my headsculpt for ysanne was not recoverable( moving accident), so i retooled a depa head( thanks to PenDragon) and sculped hair. Made molds and cast
them in peach color plastic.

...What's Ozzel doing in that last pic? tongue.gif

Very nice work, always impressive to see custom sculpts.
QUOTE (theplasticone @ Jun 1 2006, 02:53 PM)
...What's Ozzel doing in that last pic? tongue.gif

Oh, now that's just wrong.... laugh.gif

NICE work, Glass! Those casts came out beautifully and while it's sad that your prior cast of Ysanne's head got pooched, you put Depa to wonderful use. And good job with the eye color too biggrin.gif I Love attention to detail wink.gif
QUOTE (theplasticone @ Jun 1 2006, 03:53 PM)
...What's Ozzel doing in that last pic? tongue.gif

Very nice work, always impressive to see custom sculpts.

Going to go to Imperial Sensitivity Training taught by Darth Vader..."Admirality: You will only fail me once".

You can really pick up on the color difference in her eyes (well at least the blue one) even from a distant pic. No close ups required. That's what probably really sets the Isard apart from others.

Glad to see the final form of this custom come to life, Isard and Daala look fantastic. Though many of the parts are the same on each figure, they look very distinct at the same time. I can see the cross pattern you attempted to make and it looks good, albeit a little flat - something I'm sure was hard to do due to the nature of the materials used. I like that you casted the bodies in the specific colors for the uniforms as it gives them an added depth of realism that sometimes paint loses out on. A great job on the paint details as well, as Paul mentioned the eye colors for Isard are very distinct and visible as they should be.

These are definitely great customs, well done!

Happy Customizing!
Thanks fellas for the comments.

plasticone, I threw him in to show the scale of these relative to ozell. I was listening to the radio and LLCool J was on,
so it poped into my head, LL Ozell... SO he coping a feel! What the heack he's gonna die anyway!

Pen, the blue eye just turnedd out perfect in one take, i then had fitts trying to get the red eye to look the same.
3 repaints till i was satisfied.

pbarny, someone at another site, suggested thats the real reason vader killed him. He was jealous.

Corran, thanks for the critique. I wasnt pleased with the pattern, i'll have to work on that next time.
From my first figure posted publicly about 3 or 4 years ago, your critiques have always helped.

Thanks again!
Glass, these are really superb. That uniformed female body looks so professional & smooth... I stand in awe of your sculpting & casting abilities. EXCELLENT work.

Great work on those heads, too -- I'd never recognize them as their original characters anymore. That Daala looks like she stepped right out of the book! smile.gif

And I love that innocent look on Ozzel's face in the first photo... wink.gif

... the Findswoman
Thanks so much Finds. Its funny you mention the heads looking different, cause i was worried that i didnt do enough to distinguish them.
Both their chins and noses were slightly alterd. Thanks again.
Glassman - awesome stuff here!

I have only one suggestion to make, seeing as how the base figures are the same, I think i would have changed the arm positions on one of them, maybe by crossing them or something, just to set them apart.
I do find that the crosshatch kindof makes them look messy, i'll bet it looks better in person, but they do look like finger smudges.. What did you use to make the pattern?

Other than that, they are pretty friggin nice, the heads are awesome, great work on the uniforms - although the patern seems messy to me, i probably would have done the same thing..
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