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Full Version: Happy Birthday to Savrip
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The great and powerful Savrip, may we not reside in his belly and be digested over 10000 years, is having his birthday today.

Bow before his magnificence and benevolence for creating this site.

And no puking in the corners. beer.gif

kicking.gif holiday.gif happybday.gif happybday.gif holiday.gif kicking.gif
May your Bday be free of bantha poodoo.
QUOTE (Delaton @ Mar 29 2010, 12:12 PM) *
May your Bday be free of bantha poodoo.
What he said. (I just can't think of anything more clever) Happy birthday!
Thanks for the wishes guys. I had a good day. Lots of cash and Loretta got me a cool X-wing t-shirt. I bought a lot of Hamilton plates as part of the celebration as well.
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