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Full Version: Tattooine gang Swoop Bike
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This is a custom I wanted to do for awhile, I'm really proud of it because it shows off some of my artistic skills, Dremmel, Sculpy, Paint, & Detailed Accessories.
It started out as a TCW BARC-Speeder. Which I took apart W/ screwdriver, Then I chopped it down W/ dremmel, I used pipe cleaners for the struts, I used sculpy to do the beasts skull don't know what or where it comes from(sugestions anyone) I painted it following the details from Barc, Lastly I threw on some saddle bags, rifle, & bedroll from Big Lots adventure Pack

Nobody has replied to this, can't believe it!

It's a great custom, very much a one-off and I could really picture it in action!
Sgt Humpty
QUOTE (Kaje @ Jun 26 2010, 03:16 PM) *
Nobody has replied to this, can't believe it!

Kaje - don't read anything into it or take it personally. Most of the regular posters here will put some time into their responses and point out things that were done well or not so well. The idea being that we all get better through constant critique. Also, sometimes life gets in the way and folks are not as active as they'd like. I have fallen into that category of late.

WookieeJack - your swoop does look pretty cool. Unfortunately, the pics are a little blurry, so it's hard to see the details. Do you have the ability to take clearer pics?

It's easy rider meets Star Wars, I love the long, low sleek line. The images are not too clear, so it's difficult to comment on the detail, but it all looks really authentic.
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