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Full Version: Sand Pirate Airspeeder
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The Spectre
Sand pirates use all manner of improvised vehicles to attack those that may have something they want. Everything from small swoops to stolen racers are outfitted with makeshift weapons of destruction.

This stolen Surosub Exocet XL Atmospheric Racing Airspeeder has been stripped down to ensure faster speeds and a much tighter turning radius for repeat strafing of it's targets, enabling withering cover fire for the sand pirate ground troops that will actually capture the target.

Sand Pirate Airspeeder

The pilots serving in the various sand pirate tribes usually forgo the bulky robes used by the ground troops as they impede movement in the often cramped cockpits of their makeshift attack craft.

Sand Pirate Pilot

Head- POTF2 TIE Fighter Pilot (modded neck)
Body- Saga Djas Puhr (modded
Gloves- POTF2 Biggs Darklighter
Holster- BBI (heavily modded)
Pistol- G.I. Joe Destro v1


This is a project that took MANY years to come to fruition. If you look at pictures of my WIP table over the years, this vehicle can be seen in it's raw, unpainted state in just about all of them (I was unable to locate a pic of my very first WIP table from Palisades Park in 2003, but I know that is when this vehicle was actually built):

In Montclair in 2005:

In Elmwood Park in 2008:
That's awesome Spectre! Nice paint work. I recognize a lot of it, but give us a parts breakdown anyway. My only critique is the pilot. He looks too Imperial and not rag-tag enough for a pirate.
On the vehicle I recognize the ISP-7 min-rig, Anakin Skywalker's pod racer engines. The wings elude me.

I like that a pirate uses Imperial gear. What's the X-Wing series quote, the only hydrogen and stupidity is more bountifuly in the universe than the standard TIE Fighter. The gear is ubiquitous, easy to find. Should be fairly beat up. They'll dye it and decorate it. I'm not sure they need a full life support box/package for a speeder.

Oh, and it's Soro-Suub or Sorro-Suub. I forget if it's 2 r's or not, but definitely 2 u's. graduated.gif (like I should criticize anyone's spelling)
Sgt Humpty
This looks amazing!!!
stoma coear
Spectre that is fantastic those engines look well beefed up and broken down. You got that scrapyard and stolen parts look paint scheme is awesome and the dry brushing just knocks it outta the park great work man

Spectre that is fantastic those engines look well beefed up and broken down. You got that scrapyard and stolen parts look paint scheme is awesome and the dry brushing just knocks it outta the park great work man
The Spectre
Thanks guys!

meandnooneelse- Here's a parts breakdown as best as I remember (I built it like 6 years ago LOL):

Cockpit: ISP-6 Mini Rig (heavily modded)
Rear 3/4 of engines: Anakin's Podracer (heavily modded)
front 1/4 of engines: "Xyber-9" Jack's Skyfighter (heavily modded)
Wings: part of an old WWII B-25 Bomber model kit from the 70's.
Wingtips: Max Steele(?) Jet
Cockpit seat- G.I. Joe Terrordrome

The rest is various greebles taken from action figure accessoriess, model kits, and found items.

Imperial gear is fairly commonplace among underworld and fringer types after the fall of the Empire so it is not uncommon to find it in use by a lot of different types of characters.

pbarny- Yeah, I know, I always spell that one wrong blushing.gif

I liked the full look with the hoses and box, so it stayed, simple as that LOL
I Love this ship. Fantastic kitbash/design, and the paint and weathering is beautiful. Seriously man...this is a gorgeous looking piece of machinery that's worthy of Joe Johnston. I may take a crack at scratchbuilding a ship based on your design here just because I love it so much. It would be cool if the pilot's helmet had some sort of patterning or graffiti/symbols painted on...but it looks great as is.

This brought a smile to my face, btw.
Great ship. Nice mix of parts! They flow well into a cohesive design that is very SW.

I too think your pilot should be more mix-n-match. Imperial helmet is cool, but maybe bare arms on the guy? Maybe a jacket that doesn't match the pants? Tears on the guy? I dunno. He just feels too neat, IMO.
You are a true artist Period
That is an amazing speeder Spectre. Painted beautify as well.
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