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Full Version: Working on Bogie
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Hello everyone, I'm pretty new to custom figure making. So far I've just made some custom figures using stuff I've gotten from Ebay including a Wild, Wild West/James West from old Marx Johnny West stuff, which has been pretty easy. I'm working on a Humphrey Bogart with a custom head I found on Ebay. My question is: the head is about the size of a Johnny West figure and the body which I got also from Ebay (via China) is a "Dragon 1/6 Neo-3" which seems to be way bigger than the head. Where do I get the right size body? I'm learning about different manufacturers: BBI, Dragon, etc, but don't know much yet.....Thanks.... sammiam
1/6 is a 12" figure. Ken from Barbie, GI Joe and older Star Wars 12" figures (90s), bbi and PTE also have 12". Basically, any 12" figure should do it. The trick is the joint from the head to the neck differs slightly on all depending if they just allow for rotation or up and down movement as well as rotation. That's the extent of my 12" knowledge.
Very good idea, good, to learn to study
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