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Hi everyone,

does anybody know how long a X-Wing really (movie proportion) has to be for the 3.75'' figures?

I don't really like Hasbros X-wing, so I would like to scratchbuilt one as movie realistic as possible.


This assumes 3.75" is the equivalent scale of a 6' tall person (so 6'=72 inches x 2.54cm/inch = 1.83 m) which is roughly Han Solo height. An X-Wing is 12.5m long. So if 1.83m/3.75" we would have 12.5m*3.75"/1.83m which makes it 25.6" long give or take. A bit longer than 2 feet.

It all depends on the height you set 3.75" to initially which is than cross referenced to their height either listed by databases/sourcebooks or the actor's given dimensions at a site like (although people may lie about their height and weight). The heights/lengths given were found at the databank at Star
The FX mold that's now used (non-FX) for the Xwing is pretty darn accurate.
First thanks a lot pbarny. 2 feet is really long, maybe I will do the X-Wing a little bit smaller. I still want to be able to built a diorama for it and I dont really have a lot of space left in my apartment. I dont think my girlfriend would be happy about a 2 feet long X-Wing sitting around in the livingroom.

But I'm already exited to start this project.
Sgt Humpty
QUOTE (Delaton @ Mar 5 2009, 05:23 PM) *
The FX mold that's now used (non-FX) for the Xwing is pretty darn accurate.

Agreed! It's really well designed and we'll be getting a new version of it within a few months. Anything larger than the FX mold is kind of impractical.
There's a trade off. I mean, if a true scale ship was made, it would be same price point as the BMF! The falcon has a diameter in the neighbor hood of 25 meters making it a lot bigger!
It's been a while since I had the calipers and calculator out, but from memory the FX-based X-wing Hasbro made is about 80% of truescale.
( That is using 3.75" as 72" Or dividing a "real" size by 19.2.)

Far from perfect, but pretty nice for fitting on a shelf. I'm with Ash and Don on this: The FX body is a beautiful toy. Great proportions and nicely detailed
Jesse James
As a scale fanatic, I'd go with full-sized myself... I've collected 1:18 planes from WW2, and they're pretty massive toys, but the size is part of what makes them so impressive hanging from the ceiling or displayed on a shelf... Having the space in a collection room is the key/problem, of course.

One walk through the Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit in Columbus a couple years ago made me long even more for scale versions of vehicles I know Hasbro will not be touching with a 10 foot pole. The Y-Wing I think was maybe my favorite model at the show, but man that big Falcon wasn't anything to sneeze at either...

Of course, a scale Falcon is basically a coffee table though too. blink.gif There's a guy whipping up a scale Falcon right now, and man is that thing amazing looking.
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