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Full Version: 2009 Carding
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I spotted this over at and thought you all would have fun with it. I do like the concept. I like the coloring and layout. I wonder what type of pack-ins they'll have for this line to justify charging $1 more (like they usually do for new lines). graduated.gif What are your thoughts?

I always like the new cards they come up with.
Even though i grew to dislike the ROTS card, i liked it initially.

These look cool.
awsm! i too usually like the new cards. i even liked the potf 2 cards at first and man they were ugly. but this is another class.
Sgt Humpty
I must admit, they are really sharp-looking cards. The work that you guys do packaging (and re-packaging) figures is quite often amazing and I'm eager to see what some of you do with the new packaging.

But on the flip side of that, as a collector who opens every single thing he buys, I often wonder how much the packaging adds to what I'm paying. I'd still buy the figures if they were in plain brown boxes with the character's name scrawled on it with marker!

For those of you who do custom carding and packaging, is it possible to re-use the stuff that I'm tossing in my recycling bin? If so, I'd be happy to save it. Just a thought. Happy customizing!
Here is a scan of the front and back of the new card for Saesee Tinn. I found 1 peg of the new cards at my closest TRU. I like these cards. They are smaller than previous cards.

They look alright, but I still prefer the 30th Aniversary style over the 2009, because it has the look of an actual painting of the characters but most of all my favorite would have to be the vintage cards with the metallic race tracks and actual photos of the characters.
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