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Full Version: 30th Anniversary Thrawn
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I'm doing a favor for one of my club members and I was wondering if anyone had a TAC template whipped up. The only reason I ask is I'm going to have to installed another operating system on my PC in order to use my scanner to scan the current cardback. I'm just trying to avoid that process. If someone has a front/back combo scanned or blank that'd be perfect for my uses.

Merry Chirstmas!
Do you still need it? Blank template or layered PSD?

Let me know, and give me an e-mail address so i can "yousendit" to you.

Merry Christmas to you to.
It slipped my mind over the weekend, but you should have already gotten an e-mail from yousendit-com from me today.

300dpi, let me know if that's not big enough.

That's just fine, thanks for filling the request. You wouldn't happen to know the font names would ya? Front and/or Back typesets?
No, i just matched them as best i could. I can tell you the fonts i used, if you want, but these are not "hasbro" fonts for the card.

QUOTE (Glassman6 @ Dec 31 2008, 01:57 PM) *
No, i just matched them as best i could. I can tell you the fonts i used, if you want, but these are not "hasbro" fonts for the card.

Alright, I'll just work with what I have. Usually it's easier than searching for hours for the right font...
I got mine from here:

Closest font is here:

You'll need to futz around with the text in Photoshop using free transform then clean up the "splatter" around the letters. Hope this helps!

Hey thanks Mini, that font looks great. I'll get it sized and vectorize it. cool.gif
I'm just about done with the card. I'm not getting too fancy with it. I need the any figure layout for the back. It can even be from Legends, TAC, or whatever else has the same format. I searched for a while and couldn't come up with a good enough hi-res shot of the back of those cards from the net. I tried Scum and GH being the two best chances of having something in hi-res, but nothing turned up. Anyone have an image (even just of that figure area) mail it to
I guess I never did get your email. I'd like to make another shout-out for the part I need. You'll see it in the image below. I just need some random figures from a back stuck in here. I doesn't matter if it's from a stock card or not. I just don't have any laying around to scan.

Sav, Ive emailed you 3 Figure sections off the back of the cards, hope they help.

Its looking like its going to be a very nice cardback, do we get to see the front when you're done ? thumbup.gif
Hope you all enjoy. I don't get to turn out these very often anymore and it's always a pleasure to work on a new card, well new to me. Thanks to those that were involved with the making of this.

Here's the figure image I had to work with. I'm always amazed at what photoshop can do.

Oh, I just remembered. These figures have a nameplate that wraps around the front of the bubble. Hmm, well we'll see what the owner wants before I get into that.
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