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Full Version: Jedidoug's Custom Cardbacks - A New Hope
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A New Hope

Those look super-sharp Doug, even better than Kenner would've done! Your screen captures are crystal clear! I was stating on the Sandtroopers forum how much I loved the old cardbacks. They look like Star Wars defined. The new Clone Wars/Legacy Collection cardbacks look like cheap boring white cartons.
I have to echo Gene on this, these cardbacks are what define Star Wars Cardback collecting for me is all about, I hate the newer style cardbacks and I mean all of them, the Vintage and Neo-Vintage Cardbacks I love, they say Star Wars like no other Cardback does.
One thing I'd change is on the Princess Leia cardback, Kenner usually called her as Princess Leia Organa.
These are incredible. Awesome work. Can you possibly do one for Biggs from the cut scene on Tatooine? And a Luke stormtrooper disguise to match the Han. Again, great great job.
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