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Full Version: Does Anyone Know Where To Get These?
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On the Unimax web-site, these are called "Ages of Action" action figures. I believe they come with a corrasponding military history book. They are 1:18 an look to have some nice articulation. Does anyone know where to get these? Here's a link.
They look like the other "upscale" figures Target carries, especially their other lines. Maybe try there?
The Bravo Team assortment took the place of the BBI line at Target and is a Target exclusive. While I have not seen the other assortments they will probably turn up at Target at sometime.
I have to admit, the AD&D side of me finds the figures intriguing...especially the Knight who could be used for the Knight in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade".
Jesse James
The Ages of Action figures aren't out yet and won't be for a little bit, but not too long... Unimax is looking to take 1:18 figures a new direction, gradually, and see how other eras (than World War 2 and modern) hold up at retail.

Very cool figures... Hoping they're out soon as there's some kick butt fodder in there.
Hi Guys,

I am a representative of Unimax Toys and saw your comments here.

I've joined your forums and posted a new topic on AGES OF ACTION
in the 'miscellaneous customs' section. Please see my comments and an
update on the program there.

Thank you for your interest in these great, 1:18 figures! smile.gif
Usually, for 1:18 military figs, if you can't find them in stores, may want to try the etailer They have a variety of stuff 1:18. They care 2-4 lines of historical WWII stuff bbi, 21st Century and a few others, Microman, the obiligatory GI Joe, and the 1:32 die cast stuff as well.
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