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Full Version: 1/6 Scale Armature (body) help
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Hi All:

First of all I wanna say how helpful this message board has been with giving me ideas for my customzing plans. This brings me to a quesiton regarding the Dragon 1/6 Male bodies.

I have visited many customizing websites and besides this one, Tony Colucci's Sarlaccpit has provided many useful tips. Tony customized a Luke (Jedi Gear) 12" figure using the body from a Dragon "Fritz" figure.

The Fritz figure is perfect of Luke because while still being in the 1/6 scale range, he represents a shorter male (just like Luke is shorter than Han).

I assumed it would be simple enough to buy up a dozen or so of them at a decent price to customize all my Luke 12" figures. Imagine my horror and disappointment when I found out that the figure is out of production and the asking price is nearly $100.

I tried emailing Tony directly from the link on his site but the email bounced back because he has temporally stopped receiving emails. I was hoping he could assist me with my search.

I'm sure that Dragon makes other 1/6 figures using that same body. Does anyone know which ones I could obtain (that are availabe at a decent price?)

And besides Dragon, are there any other companies that make a similarally statured male figure? I thought I remembered reading that the original line of Elite Force Body Builder Figures are slightly shorter than the new Generation 3 ones.

Any help that you guys could provide on my delima would be greatly appreciated.

- Jay
11/18/06- bump to remove two dealers that no longer exist.

Also to add The Junky Spot as a potential source for both male and female figures, in adult and youngling sizes. Click 'dolls and figures' in the frame on the left, then 'Obitsu', then the size of figure you want (27 cm is adult, 23 and 21 child), then 'dolls' or 'heads' or whatever section you want to peruse.

You've already had this question answered (I hope!) but if anyone else is looking for loose 1:6 figures, try:

Monkey Depot
Good Stuff to Go

That's a start....
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