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Over the past couple of days I've been sick at home. During that time I've been touching up some of my 12-back templates, including all versions of the R2-D2 12-back. Recently, I was able to score excellent scans of a Clipper and Meccano 12-back. Now I have them all completed. As far as I know, the R2-D2 diagram below represents all varieties of the 12-back that were produced during the vintage era. Foreign uses of American Kenner 12-backs are not included, as they weren't actually printed for use in various foreign markets.

From left to right: Kenner (USA), Kenner (Canada - 1st Release), Kenner (Canada - 2nd Release), Clipper (Netherlands), Palitoy (UK), Toltoys (Australia), Harbert (Italy), and Meccano (France)

So there are 8 in total. I'm pretty sure this is the definitive list. I can't imagine the existence of a "missing link", but you never know.

I've been making lots of custom carded figures during the past several weeks, but I can't take pictures because my digital camera is broken. Maybe Santa Clause will come through for me this Christmas. If so, I'll have loads of pics to share. As always, stay tuned. . . . .
Excellent. I would love to the same thing still with Ben Kenobi.

I can feel your pain with no camera. I still am with out a scanner so I have not really done anything new in soooooo long.
Great work, they look fantastic. I was in your situation a few weeks ago without a camera. My son was believed to have broken my camera where it would turn on and off, but the focus motor wouldn't operate. I bought a Canon SD1000 Digital Elf and it's a wonderful camera. Fast turn on time, fast focusing, and ready to take the next shot instantly after preview. What really turned me on to the camera is it's ability to focus in an instant with the macro feature. I've tested tons of cameras and all of them have to be manually focused when you get them that close. This one is a beaut. Oh, I'm starting to turn this into a camera review... Great cards! biggrin.gif
You need to get sick more often! Well, not really but if this is the result, i'll let my daughter sneeze on you.
Each of them look perfect.

Terrific work.
Thanks, everyone. Completing a 7-year goal has been very rewarding for me, and I've learned a lot during this journey. But I hope to learn more with new customizing projects on the horizon. Who knows what that'll be.
I finally got a new camera. It's a Sony Cyber-Shot. I like it well enough, and so I can start showcasing carded customs I've completed over the past few months. Here's a Meccano 12-back Tusken Raider I completed just today:

I have a full 12-back set of these, but only two (Tusken Raider and Jawa) have the proper "La Guerre des Etoiles" logo. I have to re-make the other 10 with the correct header logo. The difference lies in the coloring (reflective chrome effect) of the logo. All in all, I'm very pleased with this piece- so much so that I made several of these. I can never have too many.

My plan is to showcase any 12-back custom I make in this thread from now on. This will help keep things consistent and clean. We want to make the FForums a clean place to visit, don't we? wink.gif
Man that's a nice looking T-Raider (that camera is not bad either)! Nice, crisp picture of an equally crisp custom. Come on - get the rest done so I can see 'em drool.gif
Man thats purty!
I got one of those cameras for my wife 2 Christmases ago and abandoned my camera instantly.
More Photos!
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