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Full Version: Heading To Florida
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I will be in Florida starting next Saturday for a trip to DisneyWorld with the kids. Has anyone gone recently and seen any Star Wars stuff at the parks that might be worth picking up. I'm sure I'll find stuff when I get there. I just wanted a heads up on what to look for. The Star Tours store usually doesn't have anything I can afford but let me know if any of you have seen anything.
Back from sunny Florida. Now cold and snowing in Colorado. Not much Star Wars stuff in the magic kingdom but here's what I saw and found.

Deluxe POTC on clearence for $5
Series 1 Mcfarlene POTC clearence for $8
Regular POTC figures $8

Picked up another Starspeeder from Star Tours. Now have a fleet of 4.
Star Wars Commerative Tins-ALL of them and lots of them-$31
Picked up Vader Goofy and Emperor Stitch. These figures are not that bad for displaying if you are into Disney characters.

Not much there in regular figures. I only stayed in the Disney property area so I don't know what the rest of Florida had.
On my way back to Disney for a week. Catch you all later and don't do anything Paul would do.
QUOTE (tonphanan @ Oct 11 2010, 08:53 PM) *
On my way back to Disney for a week. Catch you all later and don't do anything Paul would do.

I wore pants on all the rides. So that means... rolleyes.gif

There was a bunch of stuff inside the contemporary resort hotel in 2008. CV and the remodels have changed most of that in less than 2 years.
Back from Florida. Suprised how much CV stuff is still sitting on the shelfs. Star Tours Boarding Party set went on clearance while I was there. $15 so I picked up one for opening. Star Tours ride was never walled off for the remodel, instead they place Castmembers at the entrance to the ride and the exit from the ride to the store to tell you the ride is closed wink.gif The Ewok Village and the AT-AT are still displayed out front. They still have the Jedi Padawan show as well.

Checkout my facebook over the next few days for an overall breakdown of my trip.
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