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Full Version: Ffurg Tsc Hologram Trading Thread
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Hi All,

PBarny suggested a thread similar to the 30AC Coin Trading thread but this time for those pesky TSC Holograms that came with last year's figures. So here it is, hopefully this will help people get those holos they're looking for whether it's for your collection or a chess set.

To start things off here's my Holo WANTS (I have a lot of duplicate reds but no specifics handy at this time - work and all)...

Blue Queen Amidala x1
Silver Jedi Luke x1

I gotta stop thinking. It gives situations like this a possibility.


2 Han
2 Rebel Fleet Troopers

3 Han
1 Rebel Fleet Trooper
3 Boba Fett
2 Darth Vader
1 Count Dooku
1 Obi-Wan Kenobi
2 Yoda
4 Stormtroopers

Fodder or accessories or nothing
I have an itty bitty blue Princess Leia with the hood on her head.
These had to be the worst pack-ins of all time. I give 'em to my 2 year old.
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