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Full Version: Would This Ruin My Figure?
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I'm trying to make a Stormtrooper figure looking dirty (like he's been through some major action and hasn't had his armor polished in a while) and I thought that shoe polish might work well. Is it removable without ruining the figure? I'm not really interested in painting him I just want to know if the shoe polish would ruin the figure or not because I'd like to remove it at one point.
Shoe polish, I think, would permanently stain the figure. It's meant to penetrate and protect.
The least permanent way I can think of would be to use children's water colors. They should wash off by soaking the figure in water. I have no idea what long term contact (more than a few weeks) might do to the plastic tho'. You could test it on a junk figure and see how it turns out.
i think sometimes, the 501st guys use different artists chalk to accomplish temporary weathering. I dont know any more details than that though.
Shoe polish would stain the figure. Kids washable paint may set in to an almost permenant state. A dry brush technique would be the best bet and a some thinner would take it off when your done.
Pencil....can smear it, apply it in fine lines, and not permanent.
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