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Full Version: Clone Strike Mech
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Here is my latest project from Order66Customs. I new this Sigma 6 Mech had potential when I first saw it, but I was not sure what I was going to do with it. At first I thought, maybe it would make a cool Seperatist War Droid.Once I opened it up and realized how easily I could Mod. the cockpit to hold Star Wars figs. itss destiny was set. So here is my latest, the Clone Strike Mech. LMK what you think.

Clone Strike Mech

Very Republic-like. I always love the weathering.
Jesse James
Hey Fritz, again...

I commented only slightly over at JD on it since it really caught my eye but I wanted to be more thorough over here for you on my thoughts because I really do like this, and you really gave me some incentive to look for this Sigma6 Mech when I'm out now.

Like I mentioned at JD, the size of the mechs, and kind of their design too, always have me debating if I'd want them to be "military"... Yours looks great though, so don't get me wrong on that. I'm just thinking out loud to myself about how I feel about what the base looks like it should be used for... So to that end, I thnk when I look into getting some of these, I'm going to look at them for more of an Industrial purpose... A mining suit perhaps, has been on my mind. Something like Ripley used in Aliens to fight the queen alien. It was like a big mech suit for loading heavy poop.

Anyway, I'm sidetracked...

Your paintjob is outstanding as usual. You get the republic red down great, the factory greys, the wear and tear from combat, and the republic logos as usual. Outstanding work all around on that effort. I also like to see how you kept (or added?) the tubing and things. Their dark colors contrast the grey really nice, and they give the mech a look of function too... It's a lot of extra effort it seems to NOT just paint them grey, which I think pays off in a huge way.

If I may make a couple small suggestions to you Fritz, and they're minor, I'd like to...

-The joints, do they move? I'm partially curious for my own greed, but at the same time I was thinking that they'd look cool with silver paint there, as if there's friction the paint would not be there... I could see them being clean silver due to the movement and friction with like black oil/lubrication stains strategically placed (drip lines and such) around appropriately... If that makes sense.

-The gun on the left side seems a little out of place... The size of it is what I mean. I can see it both ways really, but part of me thinks the left side just looks like it makes the craft lopsided, and that something that small wouldn't necessarilly pack a punch that big. Like maybe the left side could have a duplicate gun, or better yet maybe even a manipulator arm? The yellow grasper arm from the Crowd Control Stormtrooper would look pretty damn cool on that left side actually.

It's just a couple thoughts on an OUTSTANDING custom though, and one that's got me bigtime thinking about Sigma Six fodder right now, haha.
Maybe using an AT-RT trooper would create a back story that this is the next generation of AT-RT, and once blended with the AT-PT, becomes the AT-ST.
Just a thought....
Looks like Robotech Fritz, really COOL. Like those dual cannons
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