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Full Version: Battle Damage Tips?
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i need some tips on how to do battle damage on a ship. (ROTS jedi fighter...mostly on the pop up wings"
What methods do you vehicle customizers use to do minor to moderate (not hull breaching) battle damage effects.

awaiting your replies
Well, minor damage would include, IMO, paint chips, dents, and scorch marks. I use black chalk for scorch marks, always making a point of impact and streaks indicating the path of travel of the shot. Same with paint chips, always on the leading edges of panels and plates since they'd get hit easiest by debris.

Jason (Corranhorn) did a heavily damaged A-Wing a while back. He'd be able to help you with holes and dents.
Coarse and fine steel wool treatments as opposed to sanding it. Also, less is more in battle damage, imo.
Jesse James
Hey Den, sorry for the later reply here, I've been inactive in customs for a while because of time and all...

For myself, there's a few methods I run with. Some are extreme, some not... It really depends what I'm looking to acheive...

One technique I do is a stencil method... I tend to save cardboard backers to tablets and stuff for this... What I do is generally cut a shape out, kind of teardrop-ish, in the shape I want the damage to look like... I place it on the ship where I want, hold it, and I'll give it a shot of flat black spray paint then. It protects the rest of teh ship and gives an immediate burn mark. What I do then is add some details like a little silver highlighting perhaps to show bare metal exposed from the blast or whatnot. very light though.

The spray shot I give it is usually a quick burst that hopefully "trails off" towards the tip of the teardrop, if that makes sense to you...

I've done similar stuff with brushes too... Usually a lighter, drier application though that shows paint through. it's a little different technique then.

Another technique I do is take a dremel and score the plastic where the blast would've impacted... A blast impact would leave, at least, a divet/dent in the armor, so that's important too...

A wholely separate technique I use sometimes is I literally glue some larger grain black gunpowder on (I use just a dab of glue from a gluestick or whatever, nothing major or substantial either, just enough to hold the grains down in a compact circle). I light the powder with a long spark (something like a stick of incense or punk or whatnot). I don't like using a big flame though, like on one of those long grill lighters, as it can damage the plastic where I dont' want it damaged. I've used a fan blowing on the ship the direction the "wind" or whatnot would be blowing on the ship's hull too so that it blows the "damage" backwards along the hull properly.

This is extreme, lik eI said, but I assure it you can leave a realstic piece of damage. It's a tad on the dangerous side though of course, and nobody really should be playing with gunpowder of course so I can't really advocate this method at all. It's just something I've done.

You can also dry-apply a burn-mark using ground up chalk to acheive a very realistic effect, and it definitely fades well... It also has a sooty look to it too, so long as you seal it to the ship's hull so it doesn't flake off and things.

Just some random thoughts for you on the subject, hope it comes along well.
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