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Full Version: Tricks for 2 sided cards
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I'd like to here from a few people that do both sides of the cards. What tricks or tips could you provide to someone with bad luck in the past with this experience. Enough so that I usually only card one side unless there is some important reason to do the back.

Example: KSWCC Summer Social Figure

My process, althought made up from no advice, is to mount the first sheet to the backer and cut two sides. I cut the corrosponding two sides on the back. After glue is applied on the backer I take the corner line it up, and try to roll down either cut side keeping them even. You can switch just slighty to adjust at the start. Once it's down you pretty much have to rip it off and print another if you have a problem.
This is still a problem for me at times. The main thing that helps me in this area is adjusting the back to match the front. What I mean is I print my front out with the same measurements every time (left margin 1.25"; top margin 0.5"), but I rotate my back to the right by 0.4 degrees. These are the measurements that I have to use for my printer. This won't be the same for other printers. I used to have a Lexmark Z42 & it printed the front and back out perfectly. They lined up perfectly, that is. However, the black looked like dark blue, and I couldn't deal with that. Back to my current printer (HP photosmart 1115), sometimes I have to change the left margin measurement of the back to 1.26" or 1.27". But this usually has to be done with ROTJ backs. Not sure why sad.gif - they are all 6X9!!! I just can't figure it out. When I have the 2 sheets printed I hold them up to a light to see how much they are off-centered. If they aren't lined up exactly, I turn the back print until it lines up, and I look at the difference in space between the 2 sheets. I hold that picture in my head when I mount them to the cardstock. Usually, it's dead-on. But I just can't understand why my printer does this! angry.gif I think I smell a color laser printer in my future. rolleyes.gif
I've wasted many a print cause it didnt line up correctly.
What i do now is the fron and back of the card in the same PSD file.
After i have the front, I duplicate the layer and flip it horizintally.
That way i have a correct reverse. Then i do the card back ontop of that layer
so that things stay lined up.

When i print them, i trim off all the white( 4 sided) then paste the front
lining up the botom and side at the corner and then flip it and do the back.
Then i take my exato and round the corners and cut out the peg hole.
If i do have a mis match, i measure the offset and adjust accourdingly and re print.
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