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About time I got back in the game...New place decided I needed some new customs to go into it. These are simple head swaps.

Scanning Trooper

POTF2 AT-ST Driver body (gloves aren't proper but hey, it's the cheap alternative), one is the Scanning Trooper head I got in a trade with Kit Fisto, the other is an Imperial Officer head from the Saga (so he suffers from peanut head disease).

Imperial Officer

BoShek head and Adm. Motti Body thanks to TND.
Awesome head swaps!

nice head swaps.... if i had to pick one word it would be "awesome" or maybe it'd be diarrhea...i dunno. (private joke)

though it's no fault of yours, i HATE the color of the imperial techs/ me it looks like hasbro couldnt decide on a definitive it tan, is it gray, is it white..anyway...i would go with a paint app. I like the gloves too. i think the scanners would be getting their hands dirty..even if it isnt movie accurate. where's their blue box that never actually shows us what a scanner looks like?

on the officer....i really dont like motti's left arm...maybe a switch there too, but then you'd have to paint him to match up. the boshek head with the chops makes him look like motti's cousin. wink.gif diarrhea
Kirtan Loor

Probably the weak one of this group. Just something literally thrown together because of how iconic the Tarkin head is. Decided to make him bearded because of a happy accident with the paint brush. Still haven't gotten it cleaned up that well, but it'll do.

Imperial Storm Commando

A RIT Dye special of a PotJ/Saga Scout Trooper. You can find info on the Storm Commandos in the Rebellion Era Source Book, Imperial Sourcebook, and The Star Wars Databank. I applied some black and some flat and semi gloss clear coat.

Blackhole Shadow Trooper

More RIT Dye and paint mix. These were 3 POTF2 Sandtroopers and 1 POTF2 Dewback Stormie. Their pauldrons were removed, dyed, paint applied over the sand paint (dye didn't take), than sealed with a semi gloss.
i dunno, paul...the guy in this reference pic is purple...try again.

Storm Commando Databank Reference Pic
QUOTE (TND @ Jul 23 2006, 05:08 PM)
i dunno, paul...the guy in this reference pic is purple...try again.

Storm Commando Databank Reference Pic

glad to see reading is a requirement for becoming a doctor graduated.gif tongue.gif

Yeah, using a Marvel comic as a color reference. Anyone seen their neon green Tarkin and Rebel Fleet Trooper yet?
Imperial Admiral

An Army of Darkness Ash head (from Spectre), Adm. Ozzel Body, Hands from Moff Jerjerrod. I had to trim the neck post way down to fit the Ash head and than glue it on. I'm still doing some research on which admiral this guy will be.

Moff Jerjerrod

Swapped the hands with Ozzel. I think it was on the sirstevesguide forums where I read Jerjerrod was gloved in the movies, so little things like that irk me and I quickly swapped the hands. Cheap custom, but at least I didn't give the guy a hat, cloak and new gun (accessorization) and call it a custom tongue.gif

Number One, I order you to Number Two!

In our last trade, Ash sent along a Picard head. Couldn't figure out what to do with it till I decided I need the pilot body and BoShek as X-wing pilot had to go. So wheels within wheels, got going, and well this guy came to be. And he's now part of the Death Star shelf. The Phaser, spectre throw in, dyed black. Set it to stun, wait, he's an Imperial now. It's max setting.
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