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Full Version: I Finally Found A Use For Those Mini "holos"...
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The Spectre
I have been trying to find some kind of use for those stupid little mini "holo" figures that are packed in with the current Star Wars figures as they really served no purpose to me as-is since most of the characters depicted are dead by the time of my "Universe" (approx. 9 years post "Return Of The Jedi").

It finally hit me during the design phase of my "Super Secret Customs Project" (which will debut the first week of August!) when I had to come up with several different forms of weathered metal patinas.

Now the useless mini "holo" figures are metallic statues for use in dioramas!


"Ancient Egyptian Gold Artifact":

Tarnished Silver:


Here's a comparison shot with all 4 "alloys":

I made a ton of these guys today. Any that I do not decide to keep will be offered up in my Swap Shop next week smile.gif
Sort of remind me of unpainted metal minis. What colors/mixes and brush techniques did you use?
I always thought they looked like stamps. The bottoms have insignias on them. All you need is an ink pad.....
The Spectre
QUOTE (pbarny @ Jul 16 2006, 09:32 PM)
Sort of remind me of unpainted metal minis.  What colors/mixes and brush techniques did you use?

Well, the Bronze and "Ancient Egyptian Gold Artifact" colors were custom designed and mixed (multiple colors and ratios) for my upcoming "Super Secret Custom Project" so I hope you'll forgive me for holding onto the recipe at least until I finish revealing my "Super Secret Customs Project" laugh.gif

But I can freely give you the simpler color recipe/brushing technique for the Tarnished Silver and Pewter versions.

Tarnished Silver:

Base coat of "Appel Barrel Colors" acrylic craft paint "Black" (#20504) with a soft drybrushing of Appel Barrel Colors" "Gleams" "Metallic Silver" acrylic craft paint (#02603).


Base coat of "Appel Barrel Colors" acrylic craft paint "Black" (#20504) with a soft drybrushing of Appel Barrel Colors" "Gleams" "Metallic Pewter" (#02540).

You will need to prime the "holos" first with Testors Dullcote (or similar matte sealer) as the paint will not readily stick to the slightly oily feeling translucent plastic used in their creation (the red are especially difficult to work with unprimed). It takes 3-4 coats of the black to make the "holos" fully opaque (hold them up to the sunlight for the best gauge as to when they are light-tight) and you have to let each coat fully dry before applying the next or the paint will pull away. After the "holo" is light-tight, and the base coats are completely dry, you can begin the drybrushing of the metallic accent color. The best way to successfully drybrush is to use an old brush with the bristles all splayed out in every which direction, dip the bristles into a small amount of the desired color paint (I like to use the paint that collects in the bottle cap for drybrushing as you never really over wet the brush that way smile.gif ), rub the brush against a coarse papertowel (I like to use 4 papertowels folded into each other several times making a thick "diaper" of papertowel to prevent any paint from amking it through the towel and ruining the dining room table 'cause Gina would kill me if that happened laugh.gif ) to remove almost all of the paint leaving the brush "dry". Gently rub the "dry" bristles back and forth across the surface of the figure making sure to hit all of the raised nooks and crannies. After it completely dries, hit it with a coat of Dullcote to protect your hard work and let it dry. The Dullcote kills the shine of the metallic paints and reduces them to a more realistic, tarnished look.

I'm also working up a recipe for tarnished copper (greenish hued recesses with coppery raised areas) and will hopefully get to try out my recipe on one of my remaining "holos" and post it before the week's out.
Spectre, they would make great game pieces for those role playing games. Foxtrot Delta
They do make great pieces to represent character in the role playing game. I use them when we play, they make it drastically easier to se how close the characters are to one another.
spectre...i really like these...i think it's because your techniques have really highlighted the details that are on these tiny figs. when i look at the plain blue/red figures...all i see is a colored blue. you brought out the details that were there, but hidden.

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