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Full Version: Smartys Verpine Jedi Wip
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So today is a WIP I'm working on, A verpine Jedi. So I sculpted my own head made a mold and cast it. I just recently sculpted the robes. I just have to add the skirt and tabbards.

LMK what you all think guys.

Is a Verpine a Geonosian? blink.gif
No verpines are Insectoid creatures similar in structure to geonosians, except for their heads. I know the legs arnt long enough but this is the best base we have so far for a Verpine.
What about using a kaminoan's legs (Lama Su or Taun We) for it? I think they even bend backwards (maybe) and would definitely add some height, as well as make the fig look more lithe. Also, I thought Verpines were very thin the whole way up...the Geo chest looks a little thick, but then again I have nothing else to compare it to in those pics, so maybe its cuz it's by itself). Still, good work making a Verpine...not one I've seen any of yet.
I'll give you all the credit in the world kid for trying something I don't think I've seen any of yet. But I agree. Look at the primary reference pic for that entry. Verpines have very thin arms and legs (probably why there haven't been many customs of them). You definitely should think of sanding it down, maybe even "laminating" some wires together instead and than filling in the gaps. Wouldn't be posable but would be a true work of art.
Find a geonosian from the ATOC/Saga line. The arms and legs are those are skinny enough to those of your ref. pic.
I make these for my brother articulation is a must
That look awsome!

I love the sculpt. The Body choice its the best available for this custom and the obvious choice. When making a custom based on comic book characters, I feel you have a lot more artistic freedom because no two artist enterpret the characters the same, unless your doing a movie accurate version your free to take certain artistic liberties. as long as yoe get the effect, I think it's great. Any chance of you making cast availabel?

Great work, keep it up,

Yeah Tonphanan has already asked about casts, I'm tweeking some stuff and then they will be placed on Fleebay ermm.gif I know that isn't great fro trading but My Mom would have a fit if I traded stuff angry.gif SO yeah I also have E2 clone helmets that are hollow and Clone wars Kit fisto heads. I know Fisto heads wer hard to come by so I molded mine and have 3 or 4 casted. biggrin.gif
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