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Full Version: Ultimate Baron Fel Wip
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I've wanted to make an Ultimate Baron Fel for a long time. It took me a Few years to come up w/ the perfect pieces of fodder to make my Ultimate Fel.

The Head form 21st Century's X-tream Detail Line is a spitting Image of Fel, Sans Goate. This piece has been around for a few years and I have used it in a number of my customs.

The Upper Torso and Web Gear from Dutch Vander is a Perfect fit for a man of Fel's statcher.

The Chest Box of course, is from a Saga TIE Pilot. There really is no other substitute.

The Boots are another piece from the X-Tream Detail line. The Stuchka Dive Bomber Gunner.

The Helmet is a Flawless Caste by Glassman, of the AT-AT Driver. I felt that this Helmet looked Much Better than the Sag TIE Pilot's helmet. Thanks Glassman.

The Legs and Holster were the last piece of the puzzle to making my Ultimate Fel. Thank you Hasbro for making such a Great Custom Base Figure in Garidan.

So here are my WIP Pics. I will get it Painted Soon.
i'd thought of using a similar recipe.....cuz there's no other way to really replicate the flak vest.
nice work so far
Definitely a new take on the recipe. Be interesting to see how it turns out. Yeah, I have to agree on the helmet. Plus no matter what, the design elements in both are fairly similar that it would take the most discriminating eye to see it.
Jesse James
I like the mix/match of parts and things there Fritz. I'm not sure of which uniform this is for Fel though... When he was in the Empire's service he wore simply a TIE Uniform I thought, and only donned the other gear later? It's been so long since I read anything on Fel though I could be wrong.

If I had a criticism it's the helmet choice... I do feel the AT-AT Driver helmet has too many differences and the Saga TIE Pilot helmet is perfect, but still I think it's looking great and I can't wait to see this finished man. BTW nice splicing of XD parts in there... The head looks to be one of the German Falschirmjagers... I've always liked the Godzilla guy's head people use, but that head looks good/younger.
If I had a criticism it's the helmet choice... I do feel the AT-AT Driver helmet has too many differences and the Saga TIE Pilot helmet is perfect,

I was going to use the Saga TIE Pilot Helmet, but thought the detailing on the AT-AT Driver's helmet was far superior. Infact I did not realize how lacking the Saga TIE fighters helmet was until I took a close look and compared the 2. I would suggest you take a much closer look at the Saga Pilot, and let me know if you still think it was a bad choice.
Jesse James
I don't think it's a BAD choice Fritz, so much as I'm saying it's just not a TIE Pilot helmet is all... The helmets are different than one another. The AT-AT helmet is a bit more "detailed" though, no doubt, so if you're going for that look Fritz that's the route to go... If you're wanting a TIE Pilot's helmet though, same as all the others in the films, the Saga/OTC TIE Pilot is 100% accurate... Amazing really. The AT-AT Driver's helmet is though too, and definitely a more complex sculpt than the TIE Pilot's in terms of little details, but the helmets aren't the same... That was more what I meant or was going for... If that makes sense, haha.
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