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Full Version: Pictures From Dvd's
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I have read many posts about how people capture pictures from the DVD's. I may have just totally overlooked something on the programs that I have, but could someone please help me with info on how to do this? Do I need a special program, or are the common DVD players all that I need? I would greatly appreciate any help that I could get.
Clank The Robot
I don't know how common they are among dvd players, but the one I have has a screen capture option. Check out any info you have in a book or in a help file on your computer regarding your dvd player to see if it has it. If not, there are many programs that can do this as well. A simple google search should get you some results. I haven't done much of this yet, but I imagine its a great way to get original and good quality pics for cards.
This is what I use:

Downlaod the free trial..and see how u get on.

Check this out. Did something called SEARCH
i use hypersnap to take screens of different addons made for the NHL series, Ive used it to take a few from the movies as well, works great!
Check this out. Did something called SEARCH

Was there any need to be a jerk about it? I searched and was unable to find anything.
Thanks to everyone who was nice enought to help me out with this without being sarcastic.
Welcome to "FFORUMS with PBarny".

You'll get used to it....
Intervideo Win DVD and cyberlink work great for me and really easy to use too biggrin.gif
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