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Full Version: Star Wars Revelations Fan Film Cards
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Clank The Robot
Hey all!

This is a long post because of the pics, but here are 8 cards I did for the fan film "Revelations", plus the cardback. I went to the premiere in Baltimore last year and just recently thought about making some vintage style cards for the film. It was a pretty cool movie, btw.

Clank The Robot
oops...double posted
These are different. They seem to have more of a Star Trek "feel" to me, except for the obvious characters like Vader and Palpatine. The "Revelations" logo seems way too small in all that black space. I would shrink the racetrack portion down for a tighter fit. It's nice to see something different like this. wink.gif
Clank The Robot
Yeah I agree. I wasn't too fond of the logo but it seemed like the right thing to do. I originally had the Xizor font spelling out "Revelations" in red and the letters were stretched to fit the entire area, but ultimately I thought it would be more true to the fan movie by using their exact logo (if you've seen their site, you know what I mean). This was just a little experiment...I just recently started actually breaking down the basic templates into the individual parts...things like having the name plate on its own layer so I can stretch it to different sizes. Before, I was just using what was there. It really helps to have all the elements on separate layers...much more flexibility. Thanks for the comments, Meccano!
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