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Full Version: Vilmarh Grahrk
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I think that this character is one of the most interesting and enduring from the Expanded Universe.

The entire figure is this one:

The belt and strap pouches are from a GI Joe VvsV Baroness, everything else is sculpted.

Where is this character from? You say it's EU but I'd like to see a reference pic.
Yes it is definitely EU. He appeared several times in the Dark Horse Comics. Notably in Star Wars Tales, partnered with Qinlan Voss in Star Wars: Republic in several issues, in Jedi Council: Acts of War working for Sidious and in The Devaronian Version.

Profile here:
Good vision in the Corps head becoming Devaronian. The outfit is pretty accurate to the one in Republic 83.

He's a major supporting player in the real Clone Wars series and definitely hope this inspires more to add him to the collections, especially if you've done a Quinlan Vos.
I KNOW WHERE HE'S FROM DELATON! he's from star wars empire strikes back
Infinties #3, he turned on Han Solo and almost got him killed by pit monsters!
(that jerk!) personally, I think those Infinities comics are poo.gif
Yeah, well, that's Villie! Ask him to look after your car and you will come back not only to find it gone, but several speeding tickets, parking tickets, and the FBI waiting on your doorstep asking about it being on the Whitehouse lawn. biggrin.gif And then he will bill you for looking after it.

As far as the Infinities comics, I thought that they were a very good concept and cleverly executed. I would have liked to have seen them do Episodes I, II and III.

Villie was far more active in the Clone Wars comics, Empire and Republic series.
Hey, thanks for the reply, I just did'nt like infinities killing all the heroes off!
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