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Full Version: Taykla Vercule- Star Crossed Lover
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Bear with me as I present you guys with my first ever custom. This was done for my stop motion fan film Star Wars Tales (see sig). In a nutshell, Taykla is an old girlfriend of pre-accident General Grievous and in the film she's going around the galaxy, looking to see just what happened to her old love after the accident. To leaarn more about this origonal character go here.

You can pretty much tell which parts I used, but if you cant I used a Padme pilot body and a Lyn Me head. Not much scuplting was involved except for the head transplant and the fact that I sawed off the action feature button on Padme so the figure could be more realistic. Pretty much it's all paint job. The pictures are huge so I'll just post the hyperlinks to them. Well I hope you guys enjoy this one even though it's my first.

Taykla 1
Taykla 2
Taykla 3
Taykla 4
The Love that was Never Meant to Be
Clone Commander Gree
Nice custom, looks great but simple.
Good effort. I feel that head swaps never get old, as long as it looks good. You are on your way to a more brighter future.
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